Construction In Grand Ledge


Graphic by Rilee Lonberger

Many construction signs like these are now located in and around Grand Ledge. Students driving in these areas can look for them to stay safe while construction continues.

Rilee Lonberger, Staff Writer

Consumers Energy is determined to replace and enhance pipes in natural gas systems all across Michigan, including for the residents of Grand Ledge. Starting on August 5th, Consumers Energy implemented new gas distribution lines across Broadbent road and Saginaw highway, causing the road to be closed until August 12th. Now, however, the installations have moved westward along the north side of M-43, and it is currently unknown when the installments will be completed. Nonetheless, these small ventures are all, in fact, part of Consumer Energy’s bigger project that began in 2012 called The Enhanced Infrastructure Replacement Program.

 The Enhanced Infrastructure Replacement Program’s main goal is to improve the safety and reliability of their natural gas systems in Michigan, and has invested almost $2 billion dollars to replace 2,600 miles of natural gas pipelines. The 25 year long project has also been projected to benefit more than 1.8 million homes and businesses within lower Michigan, including in the area surrounding Grand Ledge High School. During the course of the project, Consumers Energy stated that having a minimal impact on the environment is one of their major priorities, and will work with federal, state and local agencies to ensure environmental regulations are followed. Consumers Energy will also mainly use underground directional drilling to ensure minimal customer property disruption while working. If a person’s property is damaged somehow, however, Consumers Energy will restore the property to its condition prior to the start of their work. 

All in all, the installations occurring in Grand Ledge are just a small glimpse of what is to come in these next few years across Michigan. Hopefully, by the end of the project, Grand Ledge and most of Michigan will have new and better performing natural gas systems. But until then, students traveling on Saginaw Highway between Broadbent and Nixon roads near Menards should be cautious while the construction continues. For more information on the current construction happening in Grand Ledge, visit the Eaton County Road Commission Facebook page, and visit for additional information on Consumer Energy’s entire plan for Michigan.