2019 GL Football Season

October 19, 2019


Many changes to the GLHS football program have students and student-athletes reflecting on the sports season.

2019 GL Football Season


Many changes to the GLHS football program have students and student-athletes reflecting on the sports season.

Week 1 Varsity Football Game


Photo by Cole Harkins

The Grand Ledge Football field that was stormed upon, which caused a cancellation on Sept. 5. This resulted in a reschedule of play for Sept. 6.

On a cloudy and tense night, week one of Varsity Football kicked off for the 2019-2020 school year. With the first game rapidly approaching, the expectations and nerves of the 2019 Grand Ledge Varsity team reached their peak. 

“I was excited to see where we stack up against difficult opponents such as Hudsonville,” Jack Elieff, lineman on defense and offense for GL, said. On Aug. 29, GL faced off against Hudsonville on the GLHS home field for the first game. For every Varsity game there is a theme, and for the GL students, the first game was jersey night. The student section was flooded with people wearing jerseys, including the sideline cheerleaders.

 Going back and forth between the two teams, it was apparent both offense and defense had strong game plans. After an action-packed first half, and with storms on the radar, the halftime score was 27-13 with Hudsonville in the lead.

As the team lined up for the kickoff of the second half, thunder crackled in the sky, delaying the game until the storms passed.

All the players had to swarm into the locker room and were held until the game could continue. The players were held until a little past 11 P.M. in hopes of continuing on with the game.

After a few hours, the coaches and referees concluded that storms were not going to pass and rescheduled the second half for 12 P.M. on Friday, Aug. 30. Friday did not go in the way that many GL fans would have wanted, as the team struggled defensively and offensively. The Hudsonville Eagles put up 28 points in the second half and held the Comets to 0 points in the second half of a hard fought game. The final score of the game was 55-13, placing the Comets at a 0-1 to start the 2019 Football season. 

“Offense struggled more Thursday night and Friday morning we struggled heavily on both sides of the ball,” Jack Elieff explained.

Grand Ledge went up against East Kentwood last week, but faced another heartbreaking defeat. The final score against East Kentwood was 39-6. The Comets are hoping to make a comeback after a rough start to the 2019 season.


Gearing Up for Football


Illustration by Hannah Perri

Cameron Roberts, a senior Varsity Football player, has had this football in his family since childhood. His dad gave it to him when he was 13.

   As Grand Ledge High School starts off the new year, the Varsity football players are preparing to kick off the football season. Football season is not just a bunch of players tackling each other on the field. It consists of daily practices, conditioning, studying game strategies and improving offense and defense tactics, as well as learning to communicate with one another as a team. 

    One of the biggest support systems for any team is the coach – whether it be emotional or physical support. Joe Brya is the new head coach, and with him he brings a new motto for the team. He constantly tells his players to “Chase It”, a statement that has several meanings to the football players.  “Chase It” means to keep going after one’s goals no matter what. The motto is kept present by the players during practices and especially during football games.

    “It helps us feel more together, more like a team,” Robert Stehlin, a junior on the Varsity football team, said. Players have said that Brya’s motto helps the team keep their focus and stay motivated.

    Coaches are not the only ones to bring support to the team. Players support each other at games and practices.

The players are not just teammates on the field, but are close friends. The brotherhood is built around the goals set together as well as the challenges faced during the games. They all celebrate their wins together as well as work on their losses.

The team puts forth as much effort as possible; studying plays, putting them in motion, discussing what tactics are improving as well as what still needs to be fixed. 

    Being a football player requires commitment and dedication which are shown in the games. Before having a game, the players must have practices, which includes conditioning. Needless to say, preparation is nothing to take lightly.

    “We do sprints and laps, we have practice Monday through Saturday except Fridays because those are game days,” Logan Costello, a freshman on the Varsity football team, said. Practices take place after school which include sprints and weight lifting two times a week. The players work hard at every practice and are dedicated to improving.

    Football season started on Aug. 29, 2019, with an unfortunate loss. The offense and defense were unfortunately not prepared, and did not play as well as possible. However, the team is working to turn that around for the remainder of the season. The last game will be held on Oct. 25, 2019, facing none other than their biggest rivals: Holt High School. Stay tuned for the remainder of the season.


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