Call of Duty: Modern Warfare The Rebirth

Screenshot of the title screen for Call of Duty Modern: Warfare

Photo by Addison Frazier

Screenshot of the title screen for Call of Duty Modern: Warfare

Addison Frazier, Staff Writer

    On Oct. 25, 2019, the developers of the game graced our earth with the beautiful Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, saving this franchise from ruin. Imagine a game with no more jet packs, jump boosters, wall running, and other things that ruined the franchise, something that Call of Duty fans have been asking for since the bad inception of advanced warfare. The game’s standard price is $59.99, but there are other versions of the game that are more costly, like the Call of Duty Endowment Precision Edition, which is $99.99, or the Dark Edition, which is $199.99. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is the fourth Modern Warfare game and the 16th Call of Duty game. Even though it is the fourth installment of Modern Warfare, it is set before the events of the first Modern Warfare, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The game is a half prequel half reboot, which means Infinity Ward, the developer of the game, can reimagine the existing story and further expand on it as much as they want. This rendition of call of duty comes complete with a Campaign, Multiplayer, and Cooperative Special Ops. It is a return to a more realistic and present day first person shooter military game rather than a futuristic take on the game, which many fans of the game franchise have been asking for. There is no more wall running or double jumping with jet packs, which was introduced first in Advanced Warfare and last seen in Black Ops 3. The player is still able to slide and there is a new mechanic that allows players to peek doors and open them slightly or breach right through them.

    The campaign in this game is worth playing and tells a story that is based off  completely fictional events, but can still be related to that of the real world. Most of the story takes place in Urzikstan, which is a made up place for the sake of the game, but it also takes place in other areas of the world like the UK and Russia. There are three factions in conflict with one another. First is the US and UK working in alliance with a group of freedom fighters led by Farah, who is one of the main characters. Then there is Russian forces led by Roman Barkov, who is one of the main antagonists. Finally, there is a terrorist group called Al-Qatala ran by Omar “The Wolf” Sulamen.  The story reuses some assets from the older games, like the most recognizable character Captain Price, who has been in all of the Modern Warfare games. However, a majority of the other characters are brand new though. Some of the new main characters include Alex, Kyle, Farah, and Hadir. Most of the campaign takes place in present day, but some missions take place back in time in order to tell the player about the background of Farah and Hadir, who are sister and brother. For those missions, the player plays as Farah, and as for the rest of the missions, the player plays as either Alex, a CIA operative, or Kyle, a British soldier in the SAS (Special Air Service). Throughout the campaign, from the beginning to the end, it is difficult, rigid, merciless, and enticing. 

    The multiplayer aspect of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare comes with two options: competitive multiplayer and cooperative multiplayer. Competitive multiplayer is what Call of Duty is most known for and what fans look forward to most. This is where players go to play game modes that pin the player against other real players from different parts of the world. These game modes include Headquarters, Team Deathmatch, Free-For-All, Domination, Ground War, Gunfight, Cyber Attack, Search and Destroy, Hardpoint, Realism, and others they will add throughout the life span of the game, which is typically a year. In game modes like Team Deathmatch, Gunfight, and Free-For-All, the players objective is to eliminate a certain amount of enemy players to win, where as the rest of the modes are objective based meaning the player either has to destroy something or capture it. 

    Cooperative multiplayer puts a player in a squad with three other players, and as a collective, the players work together to complete objectives. It comes with two sub categories: Special Ops and Survival. Special Ops is an extension of the campaign and takes place after the events of the story. In the player and their team set out to complete various tasks. The tasks usually consist of extracting files from computers that have important information to extracting hostages. These missions are very difficult, and it is recommended that you play with people that the player knows and that are familiar with the game as the player  going to want to communicate and strategize with them. In survival, the player is trying to survive multiple waves of Russian soldiers, which sometimes consist of juggernauts equipped with a suit of armor and a minigun. Though this game mode can be played solo, that will make it all the more difficult. The player starts out with a pistol and can earn points to get different weapons, or the player can just pick up weapons from defeated enemies. Points are earned by defeating enemies, and they can also be used to call in support like attack helicopters. Once the player or players are killed, there are no save points, and it is game over.

    All in all, the game feels like it has returned to its roots a little bit while also adding new features as well. While the game is in no way perfect and is more aimed towards gameplay that seems to promote disgusting tactics like camping in a corner for most of the duration of a match, most Call of Duty players cant find solace in this title.