The Lansing Protest

Carmen Cline, Staff Writer

The Lansing Protest, which took place on January 17th, around 3 p.m, was no more than a protest. A group of protesters gathered at the capitol of Michigan, some of them armed. Luckily, after the incident in the U.S. Capitol, Lansing was prepared for a similar event to possibly occur. Because of Michigan’s history with militia-style activity, the capitol was ready for the worst.

Earlier that week, the FBI warned that armed protests would take place in capital cities. A small group of people gathered early Sunday morning. Some were armed, and some carried signs and warned of “civil war”. But it was a small crowd. Journalists and police officers outnumbered the protesters. People flowed in and out throughout the day, but no more than 20 convened at one time.

Nothing violent occurred down at the capitol building, and the protests stayed peaceful. The protesters abided by the law and were not violent in any way. The protests went as smoothly as anything.