COVID Football Workouts

COVID Football Workouts

Ben Reynolds, Staff Writer

Due to the state of Michigan sports being postponed in the 2020-2021 fall football season, some teams really got set back but that isn’t stopping the Grand Ledge football team from getting any possible work in. 

How the Grand Ledge Football team workouts look during the pandemic we are all going through. The whole football team is broken up into different sections which are morning workout groups and afternoon workout groups. Although there is only a morning and afternoon group there are only about 12 players in each so every player had to sign up for different days.

Furthermore, there are zoom meetings which are held by the head football coach Joe Brya. Therefore meetings are held so that the “brotherhood” stays in touch with each other so they are all on the same page, also so that they can prepare for the 2021-2022 football season. 

The main thing that they are trying to focus on over the off-season is Weight lifting, This allows them to become “bigger, faster, stronger” and it also allows them to maintain their relationship with each other because they are always around one another.