Mask Use is Dwindling


Mayah Stone, Staff Writer


Here is some news: there is a worldwide pandemic going on that is affecting millions of people. That sounds like basic knowledge, right? Well not for everyone, because there are still some people who are not following the rules that have been set for just about over a year now. It is now common to walk into your local grocery store and see people not even wearing a face covering.

It is not as if there are no signs reminding people of what we consider the new normal. Outside at most public places, there is a sign that mentions how masks are mandatory to wear upon entry. Masks are not just being worn as a fashion statement, this is for the safety of ourselves, and everyone around us. Some people are at a higher risk than others and can develop more harmful serious effects if they were to get the virus. So, being respectful to those around us is important during this time.

There are some cases in which people are not required to wear masks. If you are an infant child that cannot even stand on its own, then of course masks would not be required in this situation. It could be hazardous and dangerous for someone so young to have to wear a piece of material around their face when they have just come into this world.

Recently marked one year of the pandemic. One year seems to be making some feel they are immune to this virus. They believe that rules apply to other people, but just not them. When walking into a store, employees are supposed to enforce that all of their customers are wearing face coverings, but there is the possibility of confrontation that can scare people. This can result in people thinking it is ok to just not follow the rules. This sets a bad example especially for younger children who are more impressionable. There is a responsibility to follow the rules of the establishment that you are visiting. If wearing a mask is annoying then avoid public places, to keep others happy and comfortable. It is seen as very disrespectful if you continue to not follow society’s rules when so many people have been affected by the pandemic. It is important to keep everyone comfortable and safe.  Going shopping for groceries should be a relaxing time and not a source of anxiety. This worldwide pandemic has already led to enough stress and anxiety.

Just the other day I was browsing in the Dollar Tree, and there was someone who did not  have a mask on. Of course, there could be a medical reason but there are also a lot of medical reasons as to why masks should be worn.

  This pandemic has taught us to be understanding, feel empathy and not jump to unnecessary conclusions. There may be true medical reasons in which masks should not be worn.  Some children have sensory issues that preclude their use. We would be wrong to create across-the-board rules and neglect these cases. Masks may affect an individual’s breathing which also should lead to some consideration. Generally speaking, masks are crucial. However, there are other cases that exist and critical for us to understand.