Prom 4 U


Jessica Lentz

Grand Ledge and Waverly LINKS and friends held a red carpet walk and handed out trophies to the neurodiverse community. The theme was Hollywood.

Katie Schupbach, Staff Writer

  This year, the Grand Ledge High School LINKS program partnered with Waverly High School LINKS program and decided to give kids who don’t always get equal high school opportunities, those opportunities. “Prom 4 U” was an event that took place the weekend before the Junior and Senior Prom, and was modified to make it more comfortable for kids with special needs. 

  The original idea for this event was created by two students who presented it to the Board of Education at the beginning of the school year. The idea was approved, and because of that, a new tradition was created. 

  Much planning went into this event to make it perfect for every student who would be attending. Therefore, “Prom 4 U” was held on a Sunday afternoon in natural lighting to avoid the bright lights at night.

  “By having it in the middle of the day, it didn’t throw anybody’s schedule off because a lot of friends with ASD thrive on routine” Mrs. Howard explained, the ASD/LINKS Program Director at Grand Ledge High School.

  The event also offered headphones and sunglasses to students. The DJ didn’t use large speakers, and the photographer didn’t use flash when taking pictures of the students. There was a snack table, along with a crafting table for a wider variety of things for students to do. 

  “It wasn’t just about dancing, we also had board games that our friends play regularly in the classroom.” Mrs Howard said. “Students were able to find comfort and familiarity with this because they already knew what to expect, which is important for kids with ASD.”

  This allowed students to all have a good time and make those important highschool memories.

  “It was amazing and the kids were incredible” Mrs Howard explained, and the smile on her face while explaining it truly shows how wonderful the event was. 

  This prom event will be continued in years to come, and will easily become one of the most important events of the school year.