Twenty One Pilots Review

Matthew Faccio, Social Media Editor

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    Twenty One Pilots is back from their seemingly endless one year hiatus, and they are coming back strong. Fans of the popular duo Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun have been waiting for what feels like forever for news on a new album from the two artists, and now they have it. The album is called Trench, and all the track titles have been released. what can be described as a tease has been released with three of the tracks being completely dropped causing excitement in many fans.

   The fanbase of Twenty-one Pilots are very dedicated to the dynamic duo and support everything they put out, although some fans were disappointed by their last album, Blurryface. A personal friend of mine, who has been a dedicated fan of the duo since around 2012, has been disappointed by some of their more recent work. Even going as far as to say that they have sold out.

  “I feel like now it is just too mainstream, like you would never really hear anything from their older albums, like Vessel, on the radio because they don’t have that poppy feel. But on their newer stuff, like Blurryface, it just sounds like something you’d hear on the radio so often it’d beaten into your memory and it loses it’s feeling ”  says Maria Helene Mathews a junior at Plainwell high school. 

   But, Trench brings a new taste to the table. Twenty-one Pilots offers a lot of diversity in their music and many of their fans appreciate that about the band, and judging by the three tracks dropped, Trench will be no different.

  Their music on this album is a little bit more dreary, instrumentally, than a lot of their past work. Lyrically, they maintain more or less the same; but, not so similar that it is unenjoyable. This album will most likely be less diverse genre wise due to there being a kind of theme set with the music they have already released for this album. I think there should still be appreciation for the album due to the fact that the band seems like they are trying something new while maintaining their sound all their fans love.  

    Twenty-one Pilots may not be my exact taste overall, but that is what I and many others enjoy about their music. is that they have something to offer for everyone; I think many people could find at least one song that they like by them, due to their genre diversity.

   I did not personally enjoy Levitate because I thought the instrumentals were not diverse, and it was very repetitive, along with the lyrics sounding very monotone. I think Jumpsuit was definitely better than Levitate, but still only middle of the line since instrumentally this is an amazing track. I felt that Nico and the Niners was something that combines slow and unique instrumentals with a catchy and soothing hook. Many people still can not wait for the full drop of the album, and will be excited to hear it is coming sooner rather than later with the full drop being Oct. 8, 2018. Their tour, the Bandito Tour, will also be coming to Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan on Oct. 24. Sadly, they are already sold out, but if you are a die hard fan you should already have tickets.


Illustration by Jonathan Callison/The Comets’ Tale