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Pipeline Disaster Affecting Grand Ledge

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Grand Ledge’s Fitzgerald Park Could be Halved by New Sewage Expansion Plan

December 11, 2020

    Grand Ledge’s Fitzgerald Park, home of the sandstone ledges, could be cut in half due to the new sewage construction bond. The park has been maintained by Grand Ledge since the 1970’s, and its assets include a sledding hill, 18-hole disc golf course, baseball diamonds and pavilions, as well as over three...

Grand Ledge Public Schools’ Former Superintendent Sues School District

December 11, 2020

Grand Ledge superintendent Brian Metcalf, who has been on paid leave since early June due to comments made on the death of George Floyd, a man from Minneapolis who was killed by an officer, is suing the school district and it’s Board of Education, claiming more than $1.4 million in damages. On May 30th,...

A Look Back on the Losses of 2020

December 11, 2020

Kobe Bryant     Kobe Bean Bryant was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on August 23, 1978. Bryant was the third child of Cox Bryant and former National Basketball Association player Joe Bryant. At the age of six, Bryant’s family moved to Italy where the young Kobe would learn to love the game of basketball....

Perks of running cross country!

Recent Sports Stories

GLHS Girls Soccer Mid-Season Check In

April 30, 2021

Grand Ledge girls soccer has officially kicked off their spring season. With the year being very unpredictable, they are happy to have the season begin. COVID-19 has impacted high school sports especially and they are hopeful to make this season count. After a week of tryouts, the teams have been made and the...

Autumn Minor – Women’s NCAA Basketball Tournament

April 23, 2021

  This year, the Women’s NCAA college basketball was no different than the men’s tournament when it comes to COVID-19. Everyone in the sports community is taking precautions against the virus and are doing everything they can to stay healthy and limit the spread. All teams were required to be housed in...

Grand Ledge Gymnastics Goes for the Gold

April 23, 2021

The Grand Ledge Gymnastics Team stepped into their shimmering blue and gold leotards in preparation for their last meet of the season. It was the afternoon of March 26th, 2021, and not only was it their last meet, but it was also the biggest. Thirteen teams came together at Rockford High School to compete for...

Heatwave Saftey


Water is one of the most important drinks when it comes to an heat wave.

Recent Features Stories

Student Burnout

June 18, 2021

The 2020/2021 school year has had its impact across many lives. Students have had to adapt to a “new normal,” which was challenging to some. The mental health of many students has seemingly been decreasing throughout this hard time. This is due to the feelings of mental burnout from virtual learning and all...

Year Reflections

June 18, 2021

  With the year coming to an end, there is much relief. Students may have thought going back to school was the best decision, others may have been a little nervous, and some people just stayed virtual all year long. It all came down to what people were comfortable with.  Everyone spent the year a little abnormal....

June 14, 2021

This past year has been difficult for teachers and students alike due to COVID-19, but how have new teachers to Grand Ledge High School handled it? Ms. Scott, who teaches English 11 and News Staff, and Mr. Westra-Hall, who teaches Journalism and Yearbook, spent the first two-thirds of the year teaching online....

Battle of the Platforms

Recent Entertainment Stories

Are Concerts Back?

June 18, 2021

As everyone knows, COVID-19 has affected so much of life for the past year and a half. Concerts have been one of the many things that people have missed the most. There was just no way artists could safely run concerts during these times. Multiple artists rescheduled or just totally canceled their tours. Lately,...

Spring activities in Grand Ledge

May 18, 2021

Easter and April showers have passed, now it is time for May flowers to shine! May took away the cold weather and has brought us warm and sunny days. With spring, Grand Ledge overflows of fresh and traditional activities. However, with COVID-19 around, indoor activities are limited, but what is better than taking...

What’s Coming Up in Movies?

May 14, 2021

After a year of movie studios halting and slowing production and release of certain movies due to COVID, films are starting to be released again with the regularity of before the pandemic. With all that back up in the movie industry, this year is stacked up to be full of blockbusters.  Starting with May, the...

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