The Comets' Tale

Disney Plans Box Office Takeover

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It’s Getting Harder to Hunt

March 15, 2019

   The sport of hunting is a difficult type of outdoor recreation. Like fishing, a person is not...

Impacts of Vape

March 3, 2019

  Near the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year, the Grand Ledge Administration sent out an email...

Student Snow Day Stress

February 28, 2019

   This trimester, students at Grand Ledge High School have had 12 cancelled school days due to winter...

Cold Temps Kill Invasive Species

February 13, 2019

   Many are complaining about the snow and frigid temperatures, and no one can seem to find a positive...

Historic Church Becomes Hotel

February 4, 2019

   The city of Grand Ledge is 125 years old this year and is a postmark on the map of Michigan for...

Grand Ledge’s Archery Teams Compete at the State Tournament

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What is Really Fueling College Basketball?

March 9, 2019

   Paying college athletes has been against NCAA rules since it’s inception in 1910. In college...

Joe Brya is on the Job

March 5, 2019

    The 2019 off-season for the Grand Ledge football team has been one that is quite unusual and more...

Looking Ahead to March Madness

February 27, 2019

   As the college basketball regular season nears an end, the fight for a spot in the NCAA’s coveted...

NBA Trade Deadline

February 20, 2019

   There is never a drama free moment in the National Basketball Association. The annual Trade Deadline...

2018 Sports Year in Review

January 21, 2019

   In the world of sports, 2018 was a memorable year for fans of the established best teams in sports,...

SAT Preparation

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The Scholastic Experience

March 21, 2019

   The Scholastic Art and Writing Award Ceremony was held at the Fountain Street Church on March...

Spring Break 2k19

March 21, 2019

The snow is melting and the birds are finally out again. Winter depression is fading and spring is in...

Lion King Jr. Comes to Grand Ledge

March 21, 2019

   From Mar. 21-24, 2019, Grand Ledge High School will be performing an adaptation of the famous...

Hunting Michigan Coyotes

March 17, 2019

   Nature always takes care of itself. However, there are instances when nature could use some assistance. ...

Wind Turbine Trouble

Wind Turbine Trouble

March 7, 2019

Tired Teen Takeover

Tired Teen Takeover

January 16, 2019

Grand Ledge’s Top Games of the Year

Grand Ledge’s Top Games of the Year

January 13, 2019


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Recent Sports Scores
  • Tuesday, February 19


    Grand Ledge High School 62 - Traverse City West 44

  • Tuesday, February 19


    Grand Ledge High School 34 - Williamston 44

  • Friday, February 15


    Grand Ledge High School 34 - Dewitt 40

  • Wednesday, February 13


    Grand Ledge High School 41 - East Lansing 37

  • Tuesday, February 12


    Grand Ledge High School 27 - DeWitt 42

Game of Our Childhood
The Oscars: A Night to Remember

The Oscars: A Night to Remember

March 13, 2019

         The glitz. The glamor. The fashion. The drama.     At eight o’clock on February...

Halftime Show Blunders

Halftime Show Blunders

March 5, 2019

   February 3 was Super Bowl Sunday and a big day for many people, especially Los Angeles Rams fans...

The Book of Glenn

The Book of Glenn

March 4, 2019

Glenn How about a really good article about the worst movies of 2018? Or is that too, y’know, cliche...

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