The Comets' Tale

Grand Ledge’s Fitzgerald Park Could be Halved by New Sewage Expansion Plan

Fitzgerald Park is a key attraction in Grand Ledge.

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Grand Ledge Public Schools’ Former Superintendent Sues School District

December 11, 2020

Grand Ledge superintendent Brian Metcalf, who has been on paid leave since early June due to comments made on the death of George Floyd, a man from Minneapolis who was killed by an officer, is suing the school district and it’s Board of Education, claiming more than $1.4 million in damages. On May 30th,...

A Look Back on the Losses of 2020

December 11, 2020

Kobe Bryant     Kobe Bean Bryant was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on August 23, 1978. Bryant was the third child of Cox Bryant and former National Basketball Association player Joe Bryant. At the age of six, Bryant’s family moved to Italy where the young Kobe would learn to love the game of basketball....

An Overview of the Grand Ledge Public Schools Bond

December 11, 2020

    In 2018, a proposed bond to increase funding for Grand Ledge Public Schools was voted upon and passed. The bond contained funding for many parts of the Grand Ledge Public Schools system, including improvements to various learning buildings, new athletic facilities and equipment, and changes to roads to accommodate...

GLHS Girls Soccer Mid-Season Check In

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Autumn Minor – Women’s NCAA Basketball Tournament

April 23, 2021

  This year, the Women’s NCAA college basketball was no different than the men’s tournament when it comes to COVID-19. Everyone in the sports community is taking precautions against the virus and are doing everything they can to stay healthy and limit the spread. All teams were required to be housed in...

Grand Ledge Gymnastics Goes for the Gold

April 23, 2021

The Grand Ledge Gymnastics Team stepped into their shimmering blue and gold leotards in preparation for their last meet of the season. It was the afternoon of March 26th, 2021, and not only was it their last meet, but it was also the biggest. Thirteen teams came together at Rockford High School to compete for...

Gonzaga vs. Baylor: A Bracket Busting Bonanza

April 23, 2021

Take a minute and think: Is watching college basketball REALLY that high on my list of priorities? No? Maybe? Probably yes? For many fans, March Madness is more than just a basketball tournament. It encapsulates the entire month and climax of the season, reaching a point that is so obsessive it could keep one...

April: Tornado Seasons Peak

Garrett Callison

Breaking news footage of a tornado

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This is HER story

April 23, 2021

It never has and never will be the victim's fault. April is designated as Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). SAAM is an annual campaign to raise awareness on sexual assault, harassment, and abuse as well as help with the prevention of these acts. In the 2000s, SAAM’s goal was to bring awareness to the teal...

Vaccine Proved Safe and Effective

March 25, 2021

The COVID-19 Vaccine is the only way we could stop this whole entire pandemic that has been going on now for over a year. The CDC has just recently made some huge announcements on how effective it is and how by taking this vaccine you can avoid getting COVID-19. Therefore, it protects you from it with only a few...

What is Saint Patrick’s Day?

March 25, 2021

What is St. Patrick’s Day?  Even to the Irish, St. Patrick’s Day is surrounded by mysterious legends and people rarely know the meaning behind the holiday. St. Patrick’s day is celebrated on March 17th every year. St Patrick’s Day is an Irish holiday, celebrated widely around the world. St. Patrick...


The Dude

Brockhampton members Kevin Abstract (Left) and Joba (Right) performing live in 2018.

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One Night In Miami Review

April 23, 2021

One Night In Miami is an Academy Award Winning movie directed by Regina King and is available on Amazon Prime. It is the story of a night when four extremely influential people came together in Miami. The group of men, Cassius Clay, Sam Cooke, Malcolm X, and Jim Brown, each one of them being iconic figures in...

Taylor Swift Follow-Up, Her Influence On Olivia Rodrigo

April 23, 2021

As many of us know by now, Taylor Swift recently re-recorded her album “Fearless”, as well as released six new tracks, for a total of 27 songs in “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)”. While most of these songs are simply just her matured vocals with the lyrics from 2008, there are a few key differences between...

The Hype on Grey’s Anatomy

March 25, 2021

Grey’s Anatomy is a popular TV drama revolving around the medical field. People (mostly women) are raving over it! How could you blame them? There are so many twists and turns to keep the viewers on their toes. Disclaimer, I do discuss content from this season. If you have not watched it, please do not read...

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