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2018-2019 Staff

Hannah Rose


Contact Me: [email protected] Hannah Rose is a senior at GLHS. This is her third year on The Comets' Tale staff. She enjoys writing news and opinion articles about controversial topics she feels are important.

Joshua Blatt

Sports Editor/Graphic Editor

Contact Me: [email protected] Yeah, yeah, yeah this is my third year on The Comets Tale staff. I, alongside Brody Conaty and Noah Housler pioneered The Ledge Podcast a show about sports, film, and music. Yup I'm a Senior here at GLHS, all the tropes of a bio. Instead I would rather share my fa...

Brody Conaty

Opinion Editor

Contact Me: [email protected] Brody is a GLHS senior and has been on the newspaper staff for two years now. Brody is the opinion editor for the Comets Tale and enjoys writing about sports and sharing his opinions

Noah Housler

News Editor

Contact Me: [email protected] Noah Housler is a Senior at Grand Ledge high school. This is his 2nd year on the Comets Tale staff. Noah is the news editor and enjoys hanging out with his kings, gaming, sports, and music.When he isn't doing any of the above he is golfing.

Brandon Foy

Student Life/Feature Editor

Contact Me: [email protected] Brandon Foy is a junior at GLHS. This is Brandon's second year in Newspaper. He is involved with Madrigals, Musical, PALs, Campus Life and is the Vice President-Elect of NHS. Foy enjoys music, playing iMessage games, and getting coffee.

Jonathan Callison

Copy Editor/Graphic Designer

Contact Me: [email protected] This is John's second year on the newspaper staff, but also his last because he is a senior. When John is not writing or at school, most likely he is hunting, fishing, kayaking, or just doing something in the great outdoors.

Matthew Faccio

Social Media Editor

Contact Me: [email protected] This is Matt's first year in newsroom. Other than being a staff writer he also enjoys chilling with friends, listening to music, and playing video games. Besides that he just tries to catch up on sleep whenever he can.

Logan Hylek

Staff Writer

Logan Hylek is a junior at Grand Ledge High School. This is his first year in the Newspaper. When he isn't at school he is either on the baseball field or playing some football. He also likes to game it up with his buds.

Ethan Irish

Staff Writer

Contact Me: [email protected] Ethan Irish is a senior at GLHS. This is his first year in The Comet's Tale. In his off time he hangs out with friends, plays baseball, and plays Fortnite. Known for being part of the Terrific Ten in the "Dawgz" group chat.

Austin McCartney

Staff Writer

Contact Me: [email protected] This is Austin's first year on staff. Other than writing for The Comets' Tale, he enjoys playing various sports, such as soccer and baseball. He also likes to run up the points on people in NCAA Football 14.

Mikayla Graham

Entertainment Editor/Photo Editor

Contact: [email protected] This is Mikayla's third year on The Comets' Tale; she's a senior at GLHS. When Mikayla isn't devoting her time to the paper, she's usually watching Netflix, taking naps, listening to indie music, or taking photographs. Mikayla has had senioritis since seventh grade, but...

Robert Miller

Online Editor/Broadcast Editor

Contact Me: [email protected] Robert Miller is a Sophomore at Grand Ledge High School. He is currently doing his second year in Newspaper for the Comet's Tale Newspaper after being a member of The Viking Voice at Everett High School freshman year. He enjoys playing volleyball, reading, science,...

Raven Nava

Ad Sales Manager

Contact Me: [email protected] I'm a senior at GLHS. This is my first year in newspaper. I enjoy marching band, playing the ukulele, sleeping,  and looking at memes. "I'm ready for a nap!"

Ms. Wolke


2018-2019 is Ms. Wolke's first year advising The Comets' Tale and The Comets' Tale website. She enjoys hanging out with her two dogs, Lacie and Malachi, and updating her 1874 house in Okemos.

Ms. Lee

Student Teacher

Ms. Lee is a MSU journalism intern at Grand Ledge High School. She enjoys learning and experiencing new things, including new environments, new languages, new cultures, and new people!

Addison Frazier

Staff Writer

Contact me: [email protected] Addison Frazier is a junior at GLHS. This is my first year on staff. I joined this class because my friend Matt said it was fun, so I figured why not.

Glenn Horne

Staff Writer

A senior at Grand Ledge High school, this is Glenn's first year in Newspaper. In his free time (which is not often because of work), he enjoys playing music, writing stories, and being lazy. Email: [email protected]

Logan Ashley

Staff Writer

Contact Me: [email protected] Logan is a GLHS senior. This is his first year in The Comet's Tale. In his off times he hangs out with friends and enjoys baseball. Known for being the "Dawgz" creator.

Sydney Mullett

Staff Writer

Contact: [email protected] Sydney is a senior at Grand Ledge, it's my fourth year here in the void. This my first year on staff. I spend most of my time reading and sleeping. My favorite hobbies include people watching and eating popcorn because bite-sized clouds are for everybody.

Kelly Morgan

Entertainment Editor

Contact me at [email protected] Kelly Morgan is a junior at Grand Ledge High School, and this is her first year in Newspaper. She is also involved in band and Film Club. She can usually be found sitting on the couch and binging her favorite shows.

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