The Comets' Tale

2020-2021 Staff

Robert Miller


Had he been asked four years ago, Robert Miller would have scoffed at the idea of being in a newspaper. Ever since elementary school, he had been struggling with being able to produce any kind of written work. “One of my first writing memories was back in 4th grade. I tried to enter a writing competition...

Maryn Davies

Sports Writer

The soccer field has always had special meaning to Maryn Davies. As she laces up her cleats before her game, she thinks of everything playing soccer has taught her over the past 8 years. Teamwork resonates most, when she thinks of soccer. Throughout her soccer career she has learned that working as a t...

Brooke Bennett

Grand Ledge Community Writer

About Brooklynn Bennett, Brooke is 16 and moved from Mount Pleasant to Grand Ledge when she was in 4th grade.  She has been going to Grand Ledge since 5th grade, and is currently a junior in high school. She has three sisters and two brothers and is the oldest. She also has a single mother and her n...

Sierra Appelgreen

Grand Ledge Community Writer

In an interview with Sierra Appelgreen, I started out by asking her about her family life and she stated that she has a younger brother named Jordan, a cat named Nala, and 2 dogs named Oscar and Dora. She lives with her parents Tisha and Brian who she loves very much. Then we talked about what the m...

Brayden Bartlett

Pod 1 Sports writer

About the life of Brayden Bartlett, Brayden is 16 years old and has lived his life in Grand Ledge, Michigan his whole life. He has 4 siblings, 2 sisters and 2 brothers and is the oldest of the 5. Most of the things he does on his free time consist of gaming, hanging out with friends or spending his...

Evan Dean

Sports Writer

“Evan is a kind, funny, and compassionate person”, said his girlfriend Erynn. In my long-term study on Evan Dean, I have found out many things about him. He grew up in Grand Ledge, Michigan,  and was raised by two sets of parents starting at age 5 when his parents divorced. He has many passions ...

Garrett Callison

Opinion Writer

Hello, my name is Garrett I. Callison and I am a GLHS newspaper staff member. This is my first year on the team so you probably do not know me very well yet. I am 16 and this is my junior year of high school. Enough of the basic stuff, I should tell you more in depth details about me.  In school I am a...

Grant Dorland

Sports Writer

The Motivations of a Mysterious Man  “5 seconds!” the coach yelled as Grant Dorland catches the ball coming off of a screen. To us, basketball is just a game, but to Grant Dorland, basketball is his life. “I played a lot of different sports as a really young kid but even then I knew that b...

Flora Manns

Entertainment Writer

Flora Zoe Manns E-mail: [email protected] A German exchange student who goes through her life as a teenager and has to face various situations. Who is Flora Manns? Flora Manns is 15 years old and is currently doing a year abroad in the USA. She is from Germany and lives normally together with ...

Cole Bennett

Entertainment Writer

Recently, I, Cole Bennett, had the esteemed privilege of sitting down with Cole Bennett and asking him about his incredibly fascinating life. He gave me insight on the lifestyle of a very amateur writer/professional procrastinator, a self-appointed title that he claims, “pretty much sums it up, yeah...

Megan Reynaert

Entertainment Writer

I always joke about how volleyball is my entire life, but on a real note, volleyball has done so much for me. The various coaches and teammates I’ve had have shaped me into the person I am today. My volleyball friends know me as “A leader, a confident and hardworking player” when asked what their...

Harper McNamara

Opinion Writer

This is Harper's second year on staff. He is interested in climbing, making music, skating, reading, and film.  He is a staff-writer and opinion editor. Harper is always on the hunt for bodacious babes.

Drew Cornman

Entertainment Editor

Contact at [email protected]* Drew Cornman is interested in an assortment of… things. Primarily, he is interested in writing, a profession he hopes to go into after college. In general, he is a fan of sports, while occasionally running from time to time. A student at Grand Ledge High School, Dre...

Olivia Vanderlaan

Editor in Chief

Contact me at: ov249[email protected] “Being in the pool hasn’t always been a part of my life. When I was younger, I used to cry when I had to go to swim lessons. Learning how to swim was terrifying to me!” Olivia Vanderlaan said. It didn’t take long until that was a past memory though. Si...

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