GL is Home

Grand Ledge gets hyped up for the homecoming game


Photo by Brandon Foy

Senior Stefan Hall blocks the opposing team. The homecoming game against Everett was an intense game for both the athletes and the students.

Brandon Foy, Feature Editor

    Homecoming week is an exciting week for the whole school. Between spirit week, the pep assembly, winter court, and the big game, students are excited to come together and celebrate The Comets. From February 4-8, GLHS got to dress up each day of the week in preparation for the basketball game against Everett. Of course with Michigan being the unpredictable and bipolar state that it is, GLPS had two snow days the week of homecoming; two days of spirit week that were missed. Regardless of the setbacks, Grand Ledge was still able to get excited and have an awesome week. The Winter Homecoming theme this year was HOME. With the theme incorporated into each day, students were invited to participate each day to get hype for the game. One of the most anticipated parts of homecoming is the pep assembly and homecoming court. For Freshman, the representatives were Ella Clements and Jackson Collier. For Sophomores, the representatives were Bailey deSilva and Sam Kuntzsch. For Juniors, the representatives were Jane Haggerty and Travis Hunt. Senior court consisted of Pratiksha Boinapally and Stanley Elder, Joey Davidson and Payton Weiber, Madi Moore and Owen Adams, Grace Novakoski and Bear Nelson, and Bella Zoglio and Matthew Jackson. With the students excited from the pep assembly in the afternoon, the spirit was lively and boisterous. Although we lost (by a few points: 54-52), the Comets played valiantly and the school spirit was not absent.

The themes this year were:

Monday – Make Yourself @ HOME (PJ Day)

Tuesday – HOMERun (Jerseys)

Wednesday – HOMiES (Twin with Friend/s)

Thursday – HOMESick (Fav Place)

Friday – No Place Like HOME (GL Gear)

Photos by Brandon Foy
Senior Pratiksha Boinapally wears her pajamas for the first day of spirit week. Many students participated in this day because everyone loves being comfy. Cameron Roberts, aJunior at GLHS, represents the Cowboys with his jersey. The theme for Tuesday was HOMERun. Juniors Priscilla Hellfrich and Lauren Petrie sport their GL gear for the final day of spirit week. Due to the snow days, Grand Ledge only had three days of spirit week.
Photo by Brandon Foy
Ella Clements and Jackson Collier, the representatives for the Freshmen class, line up for the pep assembly. The pep assembly was on Friday, February 8.
Photo by Brandon Foy
The Junior representatives, Travis Hunt and Jane Taggerty; prepare for the pep assembly. The pep assembly was cut short due to inclement weather.
Photo by Brandon Foy
Sophomore homecoming court, Sam Kuntszch and Baily deSilva, stand in line with the rest of the court. Wizard of Oz was theme of the pep assembly.
Photo by Brandon Foy
Leadership presents the homecoming court at the pep assembly. The GLHS student body stood and cheered for the homecoming court representatives.
Seniors Anna Konen, Hannah Spindler, Hannah Platt, Andrew Dorland, and Junior Isabel Browning dress as characters from the Wizard of Oz. The theme for spirit week was GL is HOME.
Photo by Brandon Foy
The Juniors cheer on their fellow classmates as they compete in a game. The bleachers were packed full of students in preparation for the game.