Staying Virtual


Mayah Stone, Staff Writer



This year has been entirely different from previous years of obtaining our education. For one, most of us have not even been in a classroom in over a year. That is  pretty crazy. Virtual learning has now become the nation’s norm. Recently many school districts have had the opportunity to bring students into the building to receive in-person instruction. Granted, students needed to sign up to go in-person and many still continued the virtual learning experience. Virtual learning has its positives and negatives, but overall it has been beneficial to our learning environment and experience all around. 


To start, one of the many advantages of online learning is the flexibility of it. are able to access your coursework anywhere and at any time. If you have personal appointments, family vacations, or any other activities that would require leaving your home, you can take your schoolwork with you so you are still able to participate. As long as you have WiFi and a device to access your work on, you’re all set. Virtual learning also teaches independence. Independence is crucial to learn, especially for after high school.  Being able to virtually do classes allows for students to form their own schedules and gives them more free time. By doing online classes you are saving lots of time that would have been spent commuting to and from the school building. Now, you are able to follow up on assignments and log into virtual meetings right in the comfort of your home. 


Furthermore, in-person learning causes lots of stressors and anxiety for students. Whether it was speaking in front of your peers, or even finding someone to sit next to at lunch, it was a difficult time for some. Getting an education online helps lots of students with their social anxiety and allows them to feel more comfortable. Being at school should be a relaxing experience and not a time of stress. 


On the other hand, Many students do thrive in-person. Students in the special needs program need that in-person instruction to be the most successful. It can oftentimes be difficult to focus while just staring at a screen. Low- income families may even rely on the school for getting meals each day. Not getting the schools providing lunches could greatly impact some students and cause them to not get the nutrients they need. Also, some schools do not have it in their budget to provide WiFi or school laptops to students who are in need of those things to be virtual. Without an internet source or computer to do your schoolwork on, virtual learning would be quite difficult.


In conclusion, there are many different aspects to take into consideration when considering which you like better: virtual or in person education. Virtual learning definitely has its advantages and disadvantages, but overall has been a great way to receive an education for students.