Face-To-Face Instruction Makes A Return


Madison Bartlett

Mr.Glinke’s fifth hour World History class was working with table partners on a class assignment. Students in the classroom are able to work together in person instead of through zoom.

Madison Bartlett, Staff Writer

On March 13, 2020, Grand Ledge Schools were shut down for two weeks, then it continued for not just two weeks, but more than a year. Finally, starting September 7th, 2021, schools K-12 returned to full time face-to-face learning.

Face-to-face learning is being back in school with teachers teaching in front of students instead of having to teach in front of a screen. This is what most students are used to.

For most people, it may be hard to get back into face-to-face learning after taking almost two years off of in-person schooling. For some people it may be their first time in high school. In many ways, COVID-19 has affected people’s way of working and way of learning, especially when having to wear a mask to school everyday.

Not only for the students, but for the teachers, it may be difficult or different coming back to in-person schooling. The transitions that have to be made and different ways of teaching and learning had to be used. On a positive note, it is easier for teachers to be able to see students in person instead of having to see just a black screen with names on it in a zoom.

“It is so much more fun being face-to-face, there is a certain energy with all being together again. We can joke and laugh and just enjoy learning more,” History teacher, Kelly Shaltry stated.

Face-to-face learning has a positive effect on students and teachers. Being able to interact and see each other in person may be a change from the past year, but it is a way for students to get more help with homework and ask more questions without having to wait a long time for teachers to respond.

“Being able to interact with other students and teachers helps me more because I am a visual learner and being in person helps me a lot more,” sophomore Bella Henrys stated.

Overall, having in-person school has gone smoothly considering the number of COVID-19 cases and the amount of people that are out of school because of this. Even with hope for the number of COVID-19 cases to decrease, they are most definitely not decreasing. As of right now the number of cases are going up in the district and in the state.