Soarin’ Into Musical Season!

Isabella Dionise, Staff Writer

Musicals have returned to GLHS, and the Grand Ledge High School theater is ready to present a childhood favorite, High School Musical!
High School Musical is a show about a basketball star and the smart new girl, brought together by their love of theater. They both fight stereotypes and competition for the lead in their journey of finding out who they truly want to be.
Grand Ledge has implemented several student directors in the past few years. This allows students to gain knowledge of directing a cast and running the stage. For this production, A’miah Winston is the student director.
“This is my first time student directing, and I hope to do it again at some point next year,” stated Winston “I’m so excited for audiences to see the amazing dances and songs. This being my first time stage managing, I hope that I don’t mess up anything backstage, but I’m very lucky to have Leigha Pardee as my partner on the other side of the stage.”
Typically, leads of musicals are shared to allow more students opportunities to perform. Casting usually goes by a “Blue” cast and a “Gold” cast. However, Ms. Clark is trying something different for this production.
“I’m excited about having single casted leads. We haven’t single casted leads intentionally since I’ve been working with the program!” remarked Clark.
The movie came out in 2006, so many students grew up watching it and it’s sequels. Students were ecstatic when the news of this show was released. “I’m also excited about this show because my kids watched it growing up and the music is fun and there is lots of great choreography! And a challenging basketball dance” Clark mentioned.
A lot of work has to go into each and every musical production. Students work day and night perfecting their routines and lines. Not to mention the endless hours of rehearsal after school and on weekends.
“So far my favorite moment is just seeing how hard everyone is working on producing this show in a short amount of time! It really shows how dedicated our students are to this art,” enhanced Clark.
To this day, there are many students that get excited to hear any song from the High School Musical playlist. Each song unleashes a different emotion, making them unforgettable.
“I think that “Getcha Head in the Game” is my favorite scene/song so far. Hopefully everyone that comes to see it will agree with me when I say it’s an amazing part of our musical.” Winston added.
People who are interested in buying musical tickets should go to . This production will be showing the week of March 17-20. Each ticket is $10. The Grand Ledge High School Musical Theatre program hopes to see many familiar faces in the audience this coming spring.