Rogers Helps Bring GL to Victory


Trever Rogers is excited to start the season. His past experience on varsity will help lead the team to success.

Ethan Irish, Staff Writer


   Grand Ledge hoops season is upon us as the weather turns cold.  This year, there are five seniors on the squad; all of whom played last year as juniors on the Varsity team. Trever Rogers is among these seniors and is ready to take on his role as a senior.  

   “Last year, I took it as a learning experience, I didn’t play that much so I just tried to learn as much as possible from last year’s seniors,” Rogers said. “I think that has really helped me develop over the summer in becoming a leader for the team this year.”

   Rogers has faced adversity throughout his basketball career, and to make it to the varsity level has been one of his goals since the beginning of middle school.

   “Being cut in seventh grade and being put on the C team for summer basketball kind of was my call to push to be better even though I was so young, and as a team, overcoming adversity is something you always have to go through,” Rogers said. “Coach Lewis is always trying to put us through tough stuff during practice so we can practice overcoming them.”

   The team is looking forward to the season with a lot of potential and many things learned from the last season. The Grand Ledge basketball team puts a lot of time in during the summer and fall, getting ready for the next upcoming season every year. Trever, as well as the other players, want to see their hard work pay off.

If we keep working hard as a team, we can win our conference,

— Trever Rogers

   “If we keep working hard as a team, we can win our conference,” Rogers said. “Also, I think this team has the potential to win districts.”

   With all of this being said from Rogers, the team will look to have a good season and have a deep run in the postseason. Being put through all of their hard practices at six a.m. and their team bonding events, the chemistry will become stronger and help them throughout the season. Rogers has stuck through the Grand Ledge basketball program even after being cut and put on the C team.

    Look to catch a game over the next few months and see Rogers and the rest of the team play.