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Spider-Man movie review illustration by Glenn Horne.

Illustration by Glenn Horne

Spider-Man movie review illustration by Glenn Horne.

Into the Spiderverse Review

    In the past few years, there have been numerous films, TV shows, and video games portraying Stan Lee’s friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. In this sea of adaptations and reimaginings, however, the newest film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, has been my absolute favorite and exceeded all of my expectations of what a Spider-Man could be like.

   One of the mind-blowing parts of this new adaptation is the animation style, which felt like a comic book brought to life. While at first, the animation can be a bit disorienting, it allowed for a great mix of both stunning action shots and great comedic effect, such as the climax of the movie under Brooklyn, New York, or when it shows the inner thoughts of characters in a style that looks like the frames and thoughts were taken straight out of a comic book. This style also made great use of contrasting colors to make certain things pop out and become instantly noticeable to viewers watching the film.

   Another amazing aspect of the movie was the characters and their portrayals on the big screen, with most of them having never been seen in theaters before this movie was released. Although the instantly recognizable Peter Parker was present, albeit a bit older than he is normally shown, the real star of the show is Miles Morales. Miles is a middle-schooler who had to learn to be comfortable leaping into danger at a moment’s notice, even when he feels that he is completely unprepared to do what he has to do to save the city. Other references to popular variations of Spider-Man in the Marvel Comics, such as Spider-Woman, Peni Parker, and Spider-Man Noir, as well as Peter Porker, all of which have had their own comic book series and timelines introduced to fans across the globe.

   In addition to the stellar animation and characters, the movie had one of, if not the best, soundtracks I have ever heard. In an effort to make such an amazing soundtrack, Sony Pictures Animation worked with some of the biggest names in Rap and Hip Hop, including work by artists such as Post Malone, Ski Mask the Slump God, Lil’ Wayne, Juice Wrld, and posthumous work by XXXTentacion.

   All in all, this movie was the best experience I have ever had, and would recommend this movie to anyone, even people who are not necessarily fans of Spider-Man.



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