The Scholastic Experience


Photo by Raven Nava

Raven Nava shows her silver key certificate. “I am incredibly proud of myself for this!” She said.

Raven Nava, Ad Sales Manager

   The Scholastic Art and Writing Award Ceremony was held at the Fountain Street Church on March 2. About 200 students from all around the Mid-Michigan area got an award, and out of all of those students, only 6 students are from Grand Ledge High School.

   The Comets’ Tale sent out many articles and they managed to get 1 Gold Key, 5 Silver Keys, and 1 Honorable Mention. Mrs. Thompson’s art class also sent out some of their artwork and brought back 3 Honorable Mentions.

Photo by Shari Wolke
1. While everyone is settling in the building, the art awards are shown off on the projector. The ceremony started at 3 and went on for about an hour.
Photo by Shari Wolke
2. The award ceremony took place at the Fountain Street Church in downtown Grand Rapids. The reception took place at the KCAD art gallery afterwards.

   My personal experience started out with finding out that I won without knowing my article was sent through. I was currently working on taking pictures for an article of mine when my newspaper advisor came in saying I won. I looked at her confused and asked, “Won what?” She smiled and said I won the Scholastic Art and writing Silver Key award for my “Crewsies Stop the World” article and she sent it along with many other articles. Everyone congratulated me and my parents said they were very proud of me. I was completely shocked that I won along with my fellow staff members. I kinda felt like I was the underdog around them considering this is my first year in newspaper, but I was still glad that I got the Silver Key.

   Two months passed by and it was time for the award ceremony. On the way there, I felt my nerves kicking in and my heart pounding out of my chest. I was so afraid that I was gonna trip or do something stupid in front of everyone. I did not like those thoughts at all. We finally arrived at the church and I sat down next to everyone who won the Silver Key award. I actually felt the creativity flowing from the students just by sitting with them.


Photo by SmugMug Inc.
3. Raven Nava (12) receives her silver key award for “Crewsies Stop the World”. “I felt very honored to get this award!” she said
Photo by SmugMug Inc.
4. Jonathan Callison (12) receives his silver key award for “Whitetail Hunting Preview”. “I was very excited that I had won an award. It was the first award for writing I have won (so far).”

It started off with the president of the KCAD, Leslie Bellavance, and professor of english, Dr. Adam Schuitema, giving out speeches to the students and families who came. After the speeches, everyone received their award which was a certificate for the Continuing Studies course at KCAD. We also received a small silver key pin and a certificate honoring the Silver Key. After the ceremony, we walked across the street for a group picture and the reception, which lasted about 15 minutes.

   The award ceremony ran very well and the cupcakes at the reception were pretty good. The only thing I wish they would have done is have the reception at the same building, but it was still very fun. This meant a lot to me, knowing that someone actually read my article without me begging them to and actually appreciated the hard work I had put into the article. The Comets’ Tale would like to congratulate the winners of The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards and wish them the best of luck in their future art or writing career.

5. Emily Felcher (10) receives her gold key award for her artwork, “Ode to Stan Lee”. “San Lee inspired a lot of people with his work along with everyone else in the picture.”