Marvel Universe, Ranked Properly

Sydney’s take on Blatt’s previous MCU Rankings.

Sydney Mullett, Staff Writer

Avengers Endgame

There is far too much to talk about with this incredible film. The intense focus on the original Avengers (according to the first Avengers movie), Black Widow, Hulk, AND Ronan’s character development, and poor drunk Thor. The Russo brothers outdid themselves with this magnificent piece of cinema, bringing a beautiful, and painful end to some of America’s greatest heroes. 9/10


Iron Man

Sets the stage for the Avengers before the movie even begins. With the classic Tony Stark wit, technological genius, and an undeniably strong plot line, Iron Man will always have a high spot amongst the Marvel movies. He is undeniably the best heroine of the MCU. 8.5/10



The first taste of the team, with Thor’s lovely family issues atop of a power struggle between Cap and Stark, it does not get much better than the original crew. The introduction of the boys (and an unforgettable female role) we all know and love, kicks off the complexly intertwined universe that never ends. The Avengers is one of the greatest movies of the Marvel Universe by far and away. 8/10


Avengers: Infinity War

As seen in every Avengers movie prior, a combination of worlds collide when the universe is at stake.  The beautiful incorporation of Wakanda, along side of the personal growth of characters like Scarlet Witch and Vision, truly was beautiful. Joe & Anthony Russo have yet to disappoint Marvel Fans. 7.5/10


Captain America first avenger

Steve Rogers is American through and through. Patriotic, humble, and genuine, it is very hard to not fall in love with Rogers as the American Man. The plot line is incredibly strong, holding the viewers in with a tragic love story, incredible fights scenes, and Roger’s transition into becoming the war’s spokesman. 7/10


Captain America Civil War

Fantastic plot line and keeps viewers enthralled, however, the use of international issues rather than the original satire of the USA authoritarian type leadership from the original comics is disappointing. The need to incoorperate T’Challa to introduce him prior to his own movieis understandable, but if they had just chosen the actual original Avengers, he would have been thre since the beginning. 6.5/10


Avengers Age of Ultron

An under apreciated work that ustilizes one of the oldest literary topics known, man versus technology. Stark’s monster overtakes him, mirroring Frankenstein in a painful fight against Ultron that seems an inevitable defeat. The suspense alone in the second Avenger’s movie

Is what gives it a spot among the top 10. However, its plot was not very strong and in comparison to movies like Endgame, does not make as much of a mark on viewers in the longrun. 6/10


Thor Ragnarok

Despite Hemsworth being arguably the most attractive Avenger, the two predecessors to Thor Ragnarok tanked in their sales, both being in the bottom 6th compared to the rest of the MCU. Ragnarok took a different spin on our friendly neighborhood Asgardian, offering color, distopian societies, an evil queen, and of course, The Hulk. In my opinion, I feel Thor’s growth and character development has brought him as  front runner as a favorite Avenger, which only boosted sales for Ragnarok.6/10


Guardians of the Galaxy

The MCU’s expansion into the galaxies is only helped by the lovely Starlord in this comedy driven film. Little hints of what is to come are hidden in this adaptation of the Marvel Comics, with warnings of Thanos as well as the idea of bringing a team of misfits together from across the galaxies to become an undeniable powerhouse. The only thing thatkeeps this movie from being higher up the ladder is their lack of attention to details. Drax’s backstory is flawed, and they even got the color wrong…  I mean come on guys… 5.75/10


Black Panther

The use of this movie to appease pop culture is what keeps it afloat in the top ten. The plot was not great seeing as it focused more on the bragging of Wakanda than of its relevance to the MCU, however Killmonger being played as fantastic anti-hero that you know you should not root for but want to was a fantastic portrayal. The movie did an OK job at aligning with the comics, but twisted some backstories to better appeal to the audience’s personal emotions and today’s problems. Nonetheless, Black Panther deserves a spot among the top ten for reasons such as the cultural backgrounds, setting detail, as well as incorporation of today’s issues into the movie. 5.5/10