A Michigan Staycation

With so many amazing opportunities, there’s no need to leave the state.


Kelly Morgan

Anyone can spend a fantastic summer in their own home state. After all, home is where the heart is.

Kelly Morgan, Entertainment Editor

   With the summer fast approaching, many students are preparing their vacation plans. For many, this means traveling to exotic or far-away places, luxury cruises, or even road trips. However, not everyone has the money or the time to travel very far, if at all. And so, for people who can’t travel or aren’t too keen on traveling, a modified “staycation” might be just the thing. There are so many interesting places and amazing events that are already right here in the state of Michigan.

   For those who like the great outdoors, there are no shortage of places to visit in Michigan. For example, a visit to the Sleeping Bear dunes provides both exercise for the athletically inclined and a fun outing on the shore of Lake Michigan. The state also has many rivers for kayakers, and any of the Great Lakes are a great place to go for a swim or just a relaxing beach day. If one doesn’t mind driving a bit, the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in the Upper Peninsula is a beautiful place to visit and boasts interesting rock formations as well as hiking paths and campgrounds. Waterfalls such as the Tahquamenon Falls are also a scenic destination and are great for family trips.

   Michigan also has numerous destinations for the more urban traveler, too. Mackinac Island, for example, is just a boat ride away from the mainland and is a popular spot for tourists. The island is bursting with fun activities, from biking to shopping to even horseback riding. Another place to visit is Grand Haven, famous for its sandy beaches along Lake Michigan. Opportunities abound here too, including many festivals like the Grand Haven Kite Festival and Art Festival.

   If one is looking for an event closer to home, Grand Ledge does not disappoint. There are several festivals, including the Island Art Fair, in which local artists and craftsmen set up tents to exhibit and sell their work. The Grand Ledge Area District Library is also hosting several events, like their summer reading program. At Jaycee Park, an event known as Grand Ledge SINGS! will allow some teens to showcase their vocal abilities.

   There is no need to travel out of state to have an amazing vacation. So many exciting opportunities are waiting right outside your door.