Cures of Summer Boredom

Matthew Faccio, Staff Writer

Summer is upon us and that certainly means temporary freedom. However, freedom can be overwhelming and with all this empty time it is hard sometimes to find ways to spend it. This is a problem that occurs for many of us over these months and hopefully, this article will provide at least one solution to this summertime boredom. There will be ten ways to slay that boredom on this list, a top ten ways to slay your summer boredom.

   Number 10 is probably the least fun but most rewarding; get a job. If you are working that kills the boredom and it may not be the most fun but you can spend that fat paycheck on some fun. Many things in the world cost a decent amount of money, and that is obvious but that is all the more reason to invest in this idea if you have not already. Just don’t spend it on stupid stuff, you are better than that.

   9 would be the reason the money; go to a theme park. Now it is no secret that these bad boys are expensive, but if you have the money treat yourself to some fun and enjoy a day feeling weightless as you rise and plummet from the earth at ridiculous speeds. If you are really feeling like spending some money, get the fast pass and cut the lines to get to the ride faster, but beware it is a steep price to pay to hit a few more roller coasters but this is not an advertisement so it will be left at that.

   A cheaper alternative than 9 for killing boredom is number 8, go to the beach! This one is pretty self-explanatory, it is no secret that beaches and summer are very closely related. However often times when we are bored we underestimate how close the nearest beach is, so just take a day trip to soak up the sun, build sand castles, swim, and whatever the heart desires.

   7 is a bit of a stretch but hey if boredom is that dreadful play some Pokemon GO. The game is pretty dead at this point but it always seems like people start to play it again in the summer because it is warm out and they can walk around without adverse weather conditions. Now it may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but admittedly many including myself find it at least somewhat entertaining. So hey try it out if you are bored it is a reason to go outside.

   But who really needs a reason to go outside right? Number 6 is just going on a walk, it’s often beautiful in the summertime in Michigan and there are parks sprinkled everywhere in Michigan. Even if you can not go to a park just walk around outside or your neighborhood if you live in one. You can listen to music while you walk and feel the sun and fresh air on your skin while you can appreciate the beauty of the world around us that we take for granted too much. Got a little too preachy there huh? Anyway, you get the point to get some fresh air and enjoy the day.

   5 is a little bit more time consuming, but if you know summer is gonna be unbooked might as well go for it. Get a new hobby, yeah you heard me teach yourself card tricks, learn the piano, learn a new language, teach yourself physics, etc. We have unlimited access to knowledge on the internet nowadays and we can learn so much from it, so why not learn some cool stuff on it instead of sitting there and whining about how you “have nothing to do”.

   4 is a very fun one, just go pick up a friend and drive around for the day and just go where the road takes you. Now the gas money may be a little pricey on this one, so it may not be choice number one for the people who try to conserve their money but it is a lot of fun. Doing this you can find cool places to eat, parks to hang out at and have some nice social interaction with a friend or some friends that you like.

   A calmer approach to entertainment for summer would be at number 3 take a spa day. Now, this does not necessarily mean literally go to a spa, but just make an environment that is relaxing to you and that you can show yourself the appreciation and care you deserve. Light some candles, play some relaxing music, get a bubble bath going, and whatever the heart desires because it is your spa day.

   2 and most likely the most accessible and cheap is to pick a show and binge watch the heck out of it. I feel like at this point this is what a lot of people do to cure boredom, but yet time and time again it works. Now with the overwhelming amount of shows and movies out there it is gonna be hard to choose, so just randomly pick one and stick to it and if it is garbage there is a new reason to laugh at it.

   For the grand finale and the number one spot we have talked with the ones you love and appreciate, often times this feeling of boredom is associated with another lonely feeling and we all know how rough that can be. Call up some friends and tell them that you are bored and see if they wanna do nothing with you because as boring as things are it always better to have company to talk to and share the moments with.

   Well, that is all 10, hopefully, this helped out in curing the summer boredom.