We Should Not Go

Carmen Cline, Opinion Writer

    Trick-or-treating is an unnecessary risk this year. COVID-19 is a very real risk. The dangers of catching it are high. Going around to random houses and collecting candy is very dangerous. It exposes kids to COVID way too easily.  Specific risks may include: Non-medical masks, the costume masks will not protect you from COVID.Coronavirus doesn’t stop for Halloween. If children go out and trick-or-treat it will, most likely, cause a large increase in cases of coronavirus. Many traditional activities are high risk for spreading COVID-19. It’s a risk not worth taking. 

    The ideal Halloween night is to stay at home with your family, and maintain the social distancing laws.Sitting indoors and watching a movie is a perfect alternative. The CDC has a list of many possible alternatives this Halloween. Most involve being in the safety of your home, because that is the safest place to be.

The CDC has said trick-or-treating is not a very worthy the risk in many articles, and other reputable news organizations have said something similar. It’s very agreed upon that Halloween is a great big risk during COVID-19. Even though a majority of people are going to stay safe by not trick-or-treating, a large number of people are still going to participate in Halloween activities. Those who haven’t already realized the dangers of trick-or-treating, it’s too risky. Spreading COVID-19 is not good. It is true that the pandemic has taken away a lot of freedom, but this is a monumental risk not worth taking. Would you send your kids out on Halloween, and possibly have them contract COVID-19 in the process?