Grand Ledge Public Schools’ Former Superintendent Sues School District

Metcalf claims $1.4 million in damages.

Grand Ledge superintendent Brian Metcalf, who has been on paid leave since early June due to comments made on the death of George Floyd, a man from Minneapolis who was killed by an officer, is suing the school district and it’s Board of Education, claiming more than $1.4 million in damages.

On May 30th, comments were made from Grand Ledge Public School’s Superintendent, Brian Metcalf, in regards to the death of George Floyd five days prior. His comment regarding Floyd’s death read

…it all starts with being a law-abiding citizen – had he not paid with counterfeit money, had he not resisted, had he not been under the influence — then there would be no contact with officers; that does not excuse the officer; it just eliminates the conflict to begin with!! It starts with being a good citizen!”

— Brian Metcalf

These comments sparked a flame within the Grand Ledge community. 

After a zoom meeting on June 5, which lasted over 7 hours with more than 600 participants, the district’s Board of Education placed Metcalf on paid administrative leave. Nearly four months after the event, a lawsuit was filed against the school district by Metcalf for a violation of the Freedom of Information Act, when Metcalf requested access to the district’s records, and was denied. According to the lawsuit, Metcalf, “…has been denied access to the records necessary to defend himself against charges seeking his dismissal and the ruination of his reputation and career.” 

The lawsuit was filed September 10, and within the week, Metcalf claimed $1.4 million in damages. The lawsuit asks the judge to award Metcalf’s compensation (recompense someone who has experienced loss) damages. Brian Metcalf was hired as superintendent in 2011. He earned approximately $220,000 a year, and his contract was set to expire Dec. 31, 2023. The Grand Ledge School district terminated Metcalf’s contract by September 17.

All in all, the connection between the comments made on the death of George Floyd and the suing of the Grand Ledge Public School district is clear. Metcalf wanted the records of Grand Ledge to try and clear himself from charges and clear the ruination of his reputation and career.