Super Bowl LV

Who is going to take the trophy


Illustration by Hannah Perri

Cameron Roberts, a senior Varsity Football player, has had this football in his family since childhood. His dad gave it to him when he was 13.

Liam Elder

    The Super Bowl takes place every single year on the first Sunday of February. Through Covid and all, this year’s Super Bowl will take place on Feb 7 at 6:30 PM EST.

It will be the Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs The Kansas City Chiefs. Two teams who have played exceptionally well this season, are finally ready to showdown in the biggest game of the season. But who is going to win? 

        The Kansas city chiefs are one of those teams that you can never let up on. Most teams might go up by a touchdown or a field goal and then ease off the throttle. You can’t do that with the Chiefs, you have to continue to hammer down the points, or you are going to pay. The good thing is, Tom Brady is not the man to let up. The downside of having the best quarterback in the league – Tom Brady – is that you don’t want to take the ball out of his hands. This means he won’t really run the ball, and that might be a downside. On the contrary, if Mahomes runs the ball, they can slowly move down the field, run down the clock, before Tampa can do anything. And that is how Kansas city plays, they just keep scoring, and if Brady doesn’t want to let go of the ball, then they’re in for a short game.

    Tom Brady’s completions while under pressure this season have been less than stellar. Re-watching the Bills Vs. Chiefs game for this article I picked up on the aggressive blitzing coming from the Chiefs. It doesn’t take a mastermind to realize that might be a problem for Brady, match that with the double team man to man passing defense and Brady is going to have a big issue on his hands. Tampa has also been requiring these big plays to win games, and that is something the Chiefs just will not allow.

   Before I get ahead of myself let me give some positives towards Tampa bay. Or in particular one positive. Tom Brady. The man just gets it done. There is a reason the quote “Never bet against Tom Brady” exists. If it’s a close game, and Brady has an opportunity to win the game, he will win the game. No doubt in my mind, Tom Brady will take two minutes left in the game, and walk out victorious. It’s not his first rodeo either. He has played in NINE super bowls, winning 6 of them. He has been around the block, this is nothing new to him.  

     Keeping Tom Brady’s experience in mind, I think if it is a close game until the end Tom Brady and Tampa bay will win. But in the case where the Chiefs get out and execute their game plan while shutting down Brady and his receivers on defense, The Kansas City Chiefs will win. Beating the Buccaneers and Tom Brady in his 10th Super Bowl.