Thoughts on this years Super Bowl commercials


Dallis Atwell, Staff writer

To start off this already troublesome year America had a chance to watch history, watching Tom Brady winning his 7th Super Bowl which took place on February 7th. Along with the Super Bowl already being at the top of the rating gives some companies a great chance to get their product or idea known due to the high ratings of the Super Bowl. I would like to share a bit about some of the commercials and what I thought of them. This year I was not as impressed with the ads as I have in the previous years but Covid-19 could have had a huge effect on why this year had a downfall in my opinion. Now I am going to share one of my favorites and some that could use some work. This year my favorite Superbowl ad of all was The Cadillacs Self driving car advertisement! The reason being is because they used a classic movie character Edward Scissorhands to represent all of the people in the world with a disability such as no hands or arms and can finally drive with this self-driving car now with a lil’ touch of a button. 


My reason for this year not having the best commercials could be because some of my favorite brands’ commercials in the past chose to opt-out of this year’s commercials. These brands were Coke and Pepsi, Audi, and my favorite one of all Budweisers horse commercials. Budweiser did not air a Super Bowl commercial for the first time in 37 years because they wanted to redirect their advertising dollars to support COVID-19 vaccines and education nationwide according to Kayla Keegan from Good Housekeeping reported. Every year I am always waiting to see those ads but Budweiser didn’t have one for a great reason and cause.


Some could say this year’s commercials are one of the most unique and different out of any other year because this is already a hectic year as is and maybe they wanted to portray some of that in their advertisements. One of the more memorizing commercials I thought this year that could bring the upside to this year was the General Motors ad with Will Ferell. Will acts like an electric car enthusiast that wants to beat Norway in selling more electric cars because they sell more than the US per capita. They also stated that there will be 30 new electric Vehicles by 2025 Says Justin Peters a reporter from SLATE. This is a great commercial because it promotes less air pollution due to gas vehicles not being needed as much and with more production of electric cars.


To be completely honest every company has a great excuse for why the ads this year are different than other years can be blamed on the world pandemic we were all going through (and still are). This is also a great reason to take your company to the next level and stand out and make a lot of money if the ad was considered good and eye-catching for viewers. These were some thoughts and opinions of some of this year’s SuperBowl ads.