Theater Follow-up

Naomi Tijerina, Entertainment Editor

Over the past few months, Michiganders have had to change the way that they live because of the spread of covid. As has the rest of the world, many leaders have created policies and laws to prevent the spread of coronavirus. In Michigan, our leader,  Governor Whitmer has done an amazing job protecting us. Which ultimately meant shutting down anything that allowed for people to be crowded in one space. Though this meant that Michigan citizens were not allowed to do much besides stay home. 

Businesses were trained in tornadoes and severe storms, not epidemics. So this meant that there was a lot of learning to be done by everyone, including those in the entertainment industry.  It began with the slow (at first) spread of Covid. With just adding simple things like more hand sanitizer deposits. But eventually, the spread would lead to asking people to leave the Theater or trade in their tickets if they had a cough. All the while, the theaters had to learn how else to deal with the virus as it kept spreading including having to change the number of people in crowded spaces. But that was just the beginning of the changes to come. As Covid continued to spread, officials started to take action in slowing the spread. They started ordering people to stay-at-home and to only go out when it was absolutely needed. Which also meant that the theaters were closed.


Around the world, some theaters have opened just to go back and close again. Because the spread gets worse which is something that has happened in a few states especially the bigger ones. The theaters that opened have changed the way things happen in their business, including but not limited to requiring masks to enter, gloves and masks on employees, hand sanitizer stations,  and limiting the amount of people in the building. Though it is hard on the theaters, the changes are necessary for things to change with Covid-19.


While some theaters have opened up others including Regal will not be opening again. Some theaters have found alternatives or have gotten very popular due to Covid. These theaters are drive-ins. It allows for people to watch movies but at a distance from others. Perfect for social distancing. Although, without theaters, streaming services have gotten a ton of users because new movies are either being postponed or given to the streaming services. Which begs the question; Will people go back to Theaters or stay online?