Biggie Movie Good or Bad?


Mural of Biggie Smalls at 5 pointz.

Who is Biggie? Well, the movie Biggie: I Got A Story To Tell was released on Netflix in the past week and gives fans a perspective of Notorious B.I.G’s life. His story is one told through his music, his family; both his rap family and his biological family. This is shown in Biggie: I Got A Story To Tell. It is an extremely honest movie. Biggie Smalls, known as a father, a rapper, and a songwriter was extremely successful in the short time that he became famous. Unfortunately, Smalls was killed in a drive-by shooting just seven years after he got big(pun not intended).

In the movie, the people who were most important in Biggie’s life, to his success and to his growth tell his story. They tell it from every direction, the good and how he took care of his family and the bad, the ways that he chose to take care of his family. Biggie’s family really does a great job of showing the movie watchers see that he had to sell drugs to feed his family and that he would even call it his ”work”.

Biggie: I Got A Story To Tell, includes clips of Biggie that really allow you to see some parts of his life. They show him rapping on the street trying to earn money. The videos they include just make it so real feeling and just adds to the overall greatness that the movie is.

It seems that most of Biggie’s story is told through his music. His fame-filled life was not always as good as it seemed. Of course, he did go through a rags-to-riches sort of transformation. In the movie, they show how Biggie went from being poor and not having enough money to support his family, to having enough money to change his life in ways that he could not imagine.

We are given an inside look at the people who influenced Biggie. Especially how his culture has impacted his career. Most of his music gives a taste of his Jamaican roots. The viewer finds out that Biggie used Country music as a sleep aid, influenced by his mother Voletta Wallace who preferred country music.

Overall, I thought that the movie was great. I love that it celebrated Biggie’s life instead of focusing on his death. I learned so many things from this movie including perspective. Before watching this movie, I have had moments when I immediately judge someone who is doing drugs or selling them without thinking about why they have chosen to do it or if they were forced into it. It is really important to understand how someone’s life is lived before you judge them. I definitely recommend this movie to anyone who is willing to listen and learn about something that is important to understand.