Grand Ledge Baseball Tryouts


Ben Reynolds

Baseball tryouts at Grand Ledge High School will be held on March 22, 2021, in the old gym. This year’s tryouts will be different because of COVID-19. Tryouts are scheduled to go until March 26 but will most likely exceed that date because that’s just what they usually do to give everyone more evaluation time to make it fair.. There are only about 12  people allowed in the gym. With that, there are about 60 students trying out this year. 

so there will be multiple groups of about 6 players. 

The Sophomores trying out have never played a high school baseball game and the Juniors have only played their Freshman year of baseball, missing out on their Sophomore year due to COVID-19. Therefore, this year might be a little different by having some juniors play down at the JV level instead of Varsity. 

Recently at Grand Ledge High School, there has been an outbreak of COVID-19 with 40 plus students testing positive. There have been 47 students that tested positive and have been involved in sports at the high school. Coach House, the varsity head coach told the team that they would be tested everyday for COVID-19. Also, the baseball team will not be going to Florida for spring training as they normally would have so that they don’t take the risk of anyone catching covid. Therefore,if anyone on the team were to go anywhere after tryouts for spring break they would have to quarantine for about 10 days when they got back. 

In conclusion, Grand Ledge and the baseball team are staying strict on restrictions so that they are as safe as possible and have a great baseball season that they all are hoping for.