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During the SAT you can only use standard issue #2 pencils. This rule was put into place to prevent cheating.

During the SAT you can only use standard issue #2 pencils. This rule was put into place to prevent cheating.

Liam Elder, Staff

The Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) is an exam that can be taken anytime throughout high school, but is most often taken by juniors in the spring. The SAT is required for most colleges, and your scores hold a big influence on your acceptance.
For a test this important, a person would assume that everyone has an equal chance, but that is not the reality. The SAT is an unfair test and should be done away with.

For some students the SAT is something they are well prepared for from a young age, but for a large majority of students, it is something that they have no preparation for. Schools in America are funded based on their land value; the higher the land value, the more money the schools get. This results in schools, in predominantly black neighborhoods especially, having less funding. Without the money that these schools need, students don’t have access to the same opportunities, and this results in worse test scores.

According to College Board data, black students on average scored almost 200 points less than white students. Being at such a disadvantage black students struggle to get into college making it harder to get to the middle class and out of poverty.
One may argue that colleges take into consideration where you are from while looking at one’s resume, but I believe this to be a step in the wrong direction. While it is a great way to try and level the playing field, I think the change isn’t soon enough in a students career. Instead of evening the field after the test, do it way before. If the Government changed the way we funded schools, the main issues would be solved. Low income families would have equal access to education, where the students can learn just as well as the higher income families. These opportunities could mean better SAT scores and better lives for everyone, not just the wealthy.


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