Deep Dive into Joe Biden’s Infrastructure Plan


Harper McNamara, Staff Writer

After signing off on a $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill, President Joe Biden has proposed a $2 trillion infrastructure plan, part of a broader 3 trillion dollar jobs package. The plan focuses on repairing transportation, manufacturing, housing, and other major infrastructural elements. 

 “We can compete and create significant numbers of really good-paying jobs,” said President Biden during a March press conference. And according to the American Society of Engineers, massive infrastructure development in the United States is needed with the nation’s infrastructure scoring a c- on their infrastructure report card. Biden says funding his plan is as simple as implementing multiple corporate taxes and then allocating these taxes to the redevelopment of the nation’s infrastructure.

 In his plan, President Biden proposes spending up to $621 billion on transportation, including roads, public transportation, and airports.

“Growing wear and tear on our nation’s roads have left 43% of our public roadways in poor or mediocre condition, a number that has remained stagnant over the past several years,” says the American Society of Engineers. Modernizing America’s roads and other modes of transport is crucial to working Americans who commute and depend on roads, busses, trains, and more to get their check.

“There is a water main break every two minutes [in the united states],” says the American Society of Engineers in their infrastructure report card. Not only would Biden’s plan seek to upgrade and repair existing pipelines with flaws, but Biden seeks to replace every one of the nation’s lead pipes to guarantee clean water for Americans in rural and urban areas of the country.

Biden also purposes $180 Billion towards research and development. This means Infrastructure research, critical technological development, climate science, and even umbrellas diminishing social inequalities associated with race, gender, and sexuality in STEM fields. Part of Biden’s plan includes congress making development investments in historically African American colleges and universities.

But when all is said and done, Biden’s plan is just that. What this infrastructure proposal is dependent on is making it whole through congress, which is a rare feat.