Things to do in Summer


Autumn Minor, Staff Writer

There are many things to do in the summer like sports, vacation trips, and much more. Even though some activities are still limited due to COVID-19, there is not much longer until they will be available to us.  In Michigan, many more activities and attractions will be opening up because of Governor Whitmer’s guidelines. She is starting to lift some of the outdoor requirements, and soon the mask mandate will be removed. The vaccine for COVID-19 is the main reason for the rules not being so strict around this time. Many schools have allowed their students to have a prom this year, so they have been preparing for that and are very excited to graduate. Many can agree that this school year has been harder than any year before, having to adapt to the different learning circumstances due to COVID-19. After all, this makes everyone look forward to the summer activities and having more freedom.


 For the graduating class of 2021, the students who are attending college this year are now preparing for their fresh start in school. For the current juniors, they have more time to prepare for college. There are opportunities to go on college tours they are interested in, apply to colleges, or even figure out what career they want to pursue, if it has not been decided already. The circumstances for college students have changed due to COVID-19, but are getting better because of the vaccine.

Some other activity ideas could be going to the beach, swimming, exercising, hanging out with friends, and the list goes on. Those who are in summer sports are usually busy with practice, games, and sometimes even traveling.  No matter the age group, there is always something to do in the summer, whether it involves being at home or not. During these times, it is important to stay occupied, since everyone has not had as much social interaction as before. Thankfully, the COVID-19 rates are going down, and our current circumstances are starting to lift up and improve. We are all hoping for things to go back to normal, and this is just the beginning.