Battle of the Platforms


Autumn Minor, Staff Writer

Just a week after the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul, there has been another spark between two others who felt like they could fight as well. This event was called “Battle of the Platforms,” where some social media influencers from TikTok and Youtube fought head-to-head in boxing matches. The two who fought were Austin McBroom, 29 years old, and Bryce Hall, who is 21 years old. This event had a huge turnout and was held in Miami, Florida, on June 12. It was streamed on Youtube and is now available to anyone who is interested in watching it.

Both of the competitors had to put up at least $1 million as a part of the bet on who would win the fight. The winner would get the $1 million, plus more. In this fight, Austin Mcbroom dominated against Bryce Hall. He had some very strong punches, making Bryce Hall take a good amount of hits. In the third boxing round, the fight was ended by the referee because of how hard Bryce was getting hit. It is still being decided if the outcome was counted as a knock-out. Many said that it was obvious from the start, who would win because of the age difference, strength, and fighting experience. It is clear that there is definitely a difference in maturity between the two, after hearing the things Bryce Hall had to say. He made some comments, called Austin McBroom a few names, and made it clear that, “he is a fighter, and is very experienced in boxing.” Little did he know, he would be losing this fight and $1 million dollars. It was agreed that this competition was fair, and that there was nothing unfair about the way it was ran.

In the end, Austin McBroom and Bryce Hall handled the competition well, despite their differences. Hopefully, it will put an end to their dispute and solve their issues. After the fight, they gave each other a shout-out to the crowd. This fight helped Austin McBroom show that he can do what he puts his mind to.