Fall Festival of Bands Concert

Isabella Dionise, Staff Writer

The marching band wraps up the concert with their “America the Beautiful” show. The crowd absolutely loved it and couldn’t stop talking about their performance! (Isabella Dionise)

The Fall Festival of Bands Concert is one of the biggest concerts of the year in Grand Ledge, as well as the first. Multiple levels of bands play and many people come to watch. 

John Szczerowski is the conductor of all of the Grand Ledge High School Bands as well as the marching band. Mr. Szczerowski has been teaching at Grand Ledge for years and has said that this concert is one of his favorites of the whole year. 

The Fall Festival of Bands concert is a concert including multiple of the GLHS bands and songs. 

Symphony Band is performing Juno Beach by Edmondson and On The Edge of Tomorrow by Sweeney. Wind Symphony is performing March from 3rd Suite by Jager, Rippling Watercolors by Balmages and Foundry by Mackey. The Marching Band is performing all five selections from their 2021 Production ‘America The Beautiful,’” said Sczerowski.

The Fall Festival of Bands concert was Tuesday, 10/12 at 7:00 pm in the GLHS Auditorium. and was set to be one of the busiest of the year. 

Mr. Szcerowski loves this concert. He has even said previously that this is one of his favorites.

“Yes, I am excited for this concert. It usually attracts a lot of people which is nice and since the concert is so early in the school year, it gives me a clear picture of each band’s strengths and weaknesses which allows me to plan for the year. Plus it’s always nice to hear the entire marching band play on stage – it’s a very powerful sound!” Mr. Szczerowski commented.

COVID-19 has obviously been a big concern over the past year and a half, shutting down almost all activities, band being no exception. Preparedness was a concern, especially with this concert being so early in the school year, with only five weeks total to prepare. 

“I think the bands are well prepared for Tuesday. I selected music appropriate for the time we had to prepare and music I knew the bands would be successful in performing.” Mr. Szczerowski stated.

This concert is an exciting one for many reasons. From ranging band levels, a wide range of pieces, and a cameo from the marching band, the Fall Festival of Bands is one to remember!