What’s The Buzz About Squid Game?



Squid Game is a new virus. Squid Game is so popular that students have watched it while they are in class. Junior, Andrew Powers, found himself gazed in the wonder.

Braelyn Jackson-Pointer, Staff Writer

Squid Game is a gory, survival Kdrama that has intrigued over 111 million viewers worldwide, making it Netflix’s most successful show. It is also gaining popularity on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram with challenges like trying the cookie game and recreating scenes.

The show starts with the main character Seong Gi-Hun gambling his money away on his daughter’s birthday. After getting his money stolen and signing away his rights to his organs, he encounters a man at the train station. The man offers him money if he wins a game, and if he loses he gets slapped. In the end, he offers him to play more games to win even more money, he just has to call him.

Gi-Hun ends up calling because of unforeseen circumstances and gets picked up and drugged. He and 469 other people wake up in a strange facility and are told that they are gonna be playing red light, green light, a child’s game. They soon realize that if they are caught moving they get killed which causes everyone to panic. 

“If you like gory and really intense shows then this is probably for you,” Ashlynn Rowden, a sophomore at GLHS, commented.

Squid Game has a lot of scenes that can be graphic to some viewers, especially if blood is an issue.  In the first episode “Red Light, Green Light” over 200 players ended up dead in the first game. It can get intense especially when they have to do anything and everything to survive.

“There are so many crazy things that happen in the series that just make you wanna keep watching,” stated Rowden.

Squid game seems to have that effect on viewers since it has 111 million views. With the crazy characters and challenges that they have to go through it seems interesting. When there are so many things happening right after another it is hard to stop watching.

“Personally my favorite player is Ali because he is so sweet,” Rowden said.

Ali is player no. 199 who stole many fans’ hearts as seen on social media platforms. Another popular character is no. 067 or Kang Sae-byeok who also intrigued fans not only for her beautiful appearance but also her heartbreaking cause for playing the games.

“If you get emotionally attached easily then it is gonna be hard because only one person wins and survives in the end,” Rowden said.

Character deaths are inevitable in this show because of the games forcing one person to win. Getting attached to a character could be very heartbreaking especially because of the final plot twist in the end. Viewers already can not wait for season 2 and what is next for the remaining characters and ones people do not think are dead.