A Spider-man Homecoming


Megan Reynaert

Students look on and cheer as the Varsity Cheer team performs their routine. Everyone had a great time at the pep rally.

Megan Reynaert and Katelyn Schupbach

  Spider-Man: Homecoming may be four years old now but it still made a great Homecoming week theme. Student Council pulled away from a few of the favorite homecoming spirit week themes this year, such as pajama day. Instead, themes such as Bruce Wayne and Wanda Vision took its place.

  This year’s spirit week focused on Marvel. On Monday, students and staff were seen decked out in their beach gear, despite the rainy day, going all out for Beach Day (Aquaman) complete with floaties and goggles. On Tuesday, many students flashed back in time and showed off their 80’s and 90’s gear for Decades Day, (WandaVision). Students dressed up for each decade, much like the characters from the show. Many staff members went back to their very own high school or college days. On Wednesday, Grand Ledge could have been ready for the runway, because students were dressed to impress, going all out in suits and ties, or even dresses, (Bruce Wayne). On Thursday, the classes were divided, each grade level showing up in their assigned class colors, Freshmen being yellow, Sophomores orange, Juniors green, and finally, Seniors being blue, (Infinity Stones). On Friday, GL showed their spirit, decked out in blue and gold for the pep rally, ready for their very own Spiderman Homecoming.

  Kaedyn Hirschman stated, “My favorite part of the pep assembly is the atmosphere. The students in the crowd cheering are just the best”

  The pep rally is one of the biggest events that happen during the week of Homecoming. This year, Student Council was more excited than ever for the pep rally. They had been planning for this since late summer, before the school year even started.

Ben Cook commented, with the last pep rally being way back before COVID-19 shut down the school, in early 2020, “We’ve tried to just jump back in right where we left off”.

  As always, this year’s pep rally took place just hours before the annual parade and Homecoming football game. Students and staff gathered in the main gym to celebrate the week. The assembly was full of games, cheering, and a LOT of dancing. Even Dr. Wright joined in on the fun, showing off his dance moves alongside the Varsity and JV Pom teams! Some favorite teachers headed front and center as well, to display their routine.

  Performances from the gymnastics team and varsity cheer also took place. Seniors won the annual singing competition, which was no surprise to anyone. While some games may have been rigged in the Senior’s favor, it’s all for fun.

  Student Council did an amazing job with this year’s Homecoming spirit week and pep rally. Some might even say this one was the best one. Seniors received their Senior Crowns while the Freshmen and Sophomores experienced their first-ever Grand Ledge Homecoming.

  “My favorite part is being able to feel accomplished knowing I was a part of it from the start”, commented Coralie Allison.

  Homecoming is one of the most exciting events during the entire school year! Students look forward to the many fun activities that go along with the dance and game. High schools across the United States and Canada take part in this tradition, and it becomes one of the most enjoyable events in a student’s high school career. 

  The week was packed full with events such as the pep rally, parade, and football game all taking place Friday. Powderpuff kicked off the week on Sunday night, but the main event was the homecoming dance to cap off the week on Saturday. 

  This year, homecoming was especially exciting because students finally got to let loose after many months of social distancing and quarantining. Though masks were still required, and it felt like a million degrees at the dance, students were still able to enjoy themselves.

  When it comes to these events, planning takes up a lot of time, months in advance even. All of the events are organized by student council, as they break up into committees and split up the planning of each event so they can break down every detail and make each event perfect.

  “A lot of its decorations, calling people, and working together as a committee,” said Camryn Nuata, president of the homecoming dance committee on student council.  

  Student council had to pick a theme, and then decorate the entire cafeteria to that theme for the dance. Not only does that take a lot of time, it takes quite a bit of money too. Therefore, the tickets were twenty dollars per person to get into the dance.

  The theme for this year’s homecoming was superhero comic books. All the floats of the parade resembled a specific superhero, such as Hulk for Volleyball and the Flash for Cross Country. 

  “The theme is chosen all together as student council and all the specific events have to match the theme,” said Braylond Price, president of the parade committee. 

  The committees can do whatever they want with decorations as long as it goes along with the Superhero theme. 

  Overall, the parade and dance were both huge hits. Students elaborated on their thoughts on  Homecoming week answering some questions in a poll sent out at the end of homecoming week.

  “It’s one of the high school moments that will stick with me forever, honestly one of the best nights of my life,” one student said.

Students described the dance as fun, chaotic, sweaty, and amazing. One student even described the dance as “lit”, so you just know it was good.

  Overall, based on the poll results, the dance was voted the best and most enjoyed out of all of the homecoming events.

  Everybody enjoyed themselves this year at homecoming thanks to Student Council and the hours of work they put in. Now, we’ll have to wait and see what they can come up with next year…