A Concerning Christmas

Garrett Callison, Opinion Section Editor

  Happy COVID-19 holidays, the shortages, prices, mandates! The holidays are not so holly jolly this year as they have been in the past, but what does GLHS think?

  COVID-19 has been plaguing the world for almost two years now, but the mandates on masks and vaccines have put a strain on family gatherings. Most may not be concerned with the mandates and will continue with their gatherings; others may not feel comfortable. 

   “I think it will probably have an effect on that point … I am not sure about the masks, but COVID-19 will pull some families apart during the holidays” said sophomore Landon Birchmire.

That is just the beginning of this odd holiday season.

  Certain gifts are not available, and families often travel during the holiday season. Sadly, airports, shipping, and markets are missing much of their staff resulting in many delays.

  “No one can be 100% sure that a gift will be available or that their plane will arrive on time”. Mentioned Senior, Paul Woods.

  It is unknown when the supply chain or the staffing issues will be fixed, while the path to what will happen during the holiday season is unknown.

  Lastly, inflation is not helping the current state of this holiday season. Food and gas are already very expensive, but gifts may have higher prices too. It might be hard to afford that one gift that a person has been dreaming of or to even have a nice holiday dinner on the table. 

“Oh yeah, I heard that food is going to be costing a lot,” said Senior, Mikayla Lee. “I feel like we are not helping, and just contributing more to the problem”. 

Obviously, some students are little concerned about this holiday season compared to others, especially with the inflation.

  Even though this holiday season will be different, hope should not be lost. After all, holidays are not about gifts, it is about the memories that are made. Always have a happy holiday!