Traveling for the Holidays

Holiday Travel was given the go-ahead this year, after many missed gatherings last year.


Megan Reynaert

Airports are busier than ever on the holidays. Airlines were working over the Thanksgiving Holiday to make sure that everything ran smoothly.

Megan Reynaert, Co-Editor in Chief

  COVID-19 forced people to miss out on many favorite traditions and celebrations last year, specifically surrounding the holidays. Many medical professionals advised against flying or traveling to see family out of state or even overseas. Large gatherings were frowned upon, causing many to stay home and spend the holidays with only their immediate families. 

  Grand Ledge High School students commented on their holiday experiences last year.

  “We didn’t do anything differently, we kept everything the same and celebrated with family we don’t see too often” Allie Diller, a Senior at GLHS commented.

  This year, vaccinations have provided many families with an extra sense of confidence in gathering for the holidays. Families may not have felt comfortable gathering in large groups last year, but this year people are branching out more and returning to normal celebrations. This creates concerns with a higher chance of COVID-19 spreading when together for a lengthened period of time.

  “Last year my family did not travel due to COVID – This year, however, my family from Wisconsin might come over to visit with us – Other than that not much has changed [from previous years]!” Senior Lindsey Zarka stated.

  Airports have returned to their normal busyness during the days surrounding a holiday, with college students flying back home, families taking advantage of the week off for a family getaway, or simply visiting out-of-state family members to celebrate. 

  COVID-19 measures are still in place at all airports. Masks are required regardless of vaccination status, and for all international flights, a negative COVID-19 test is required 24 hours prior to re-entering the United States. This is required for everyone regardless of vaccination status.

  With the recent developments of the Omicron variant, the White House implemented a travel ban to the U.S. by people who have been in South Africa as well as seven other African countries. This ban excludes U.S. citizens.

As this is an ever-changing situation, please be sure to check all rules and regulations prior to travel. This information is as of December 8th, 2021.

  The holidays provide the perfect opportunity to gather with family and celebrate. Regardless of how everyone chooses to spend their break, be safe and enjoy the season!