Crowned Royalty: Homecoming Edition


Jason Westra-Hall

Left to right: Alisia Lopez, Ian Medina, Madeline Coscarelli, Emily Crofut, Liam Elder, Kaedyn Hirschman, And Madelyn Marsh.

Madison Bartlett, Staff Writer

 Lights, cameras, royalty. Homecoming court is a part of every homecoming. Court involves nominating and electing two class representatives for each grade level. 

  The Seniors, on the other hand, have ten representatives, and each grade level will vote on two Seniors to win “Royalty.” The winners of the Winter 2022 Senior class court are always announced at the boys homecoming basketball game, at halftime.

  The winners of the Freshmen, Sophomore and Junior class were all already decided by each grade.

  The class representatives for the Freshmen class were Alisia Lopez and Ian Medina. Next, the representatives for the Sophomore class were Benjamin McDiarmid and Grace Pribble. Lastly, representing the Junior class was Madeline Coscarelli and Rebecca Foster. 

  “I was at first shocked, but really excited to get to experience such a great opportunity and represent such an amazing class!” Junior, Rebecca Foster stated.

The Senior class royalty winners were announced at halftime of the Varsity Boys basketball game. The Nominees for the Senior class representatives were Andrew Hoa Pham, Emersyn Truong, Emily Crofut, Kaedyn Hirschman, Kaili Heinze, Liam Elder, Madelyn Marsh, Madelyn Prince, Nathan Edlin and Sharanjit Kaur.

   “ I really never believed I’d be nominated for homecoming court. I think it’s incredible that I got nominated for my last ever homecoming,” Sharanjit Kaur stated. “I think it’s amazing that my class chose me to be someone to represent them.”

  At halftime of the Boys Varsity Basketball game, the winner for homecoming royalty was announced and the winners for the senior royalty were… Madelyn Marsh and Nathan Edlin. They were both crowned and named Senior class royalty of 2022.