Singing Valentines


The Singing valentines tradition brings a smile to everyones face. Everyone enjoyed listening to the Madrigals sing.

Katie Schupbach, Staff Writer

Every year on valentines day, the Grand ledge High School’s top choir, the Madrigals, go around the school and sing valentine songs. A google form is sent out and students have the option to buy a “singing valentine”, where the choir walks into a class during the requested hour and sings to the student who the valentine was bought for. 

Now, some may say it’s super embarrassing when you are pulled up to the front of class in front of everybody and sang to, but in the end it really just puts a smile on everyone’s face. “It is so fun how people are so excited about them” says Mrs Petersen, Grand Ledge high schools’ choir director. 

The option to buy a recording of a song and have it sent to the person of your choice is also an option if you don’t want the live performance, but many can agree that the live performance is so much more fun. Much more of a chance to embarrass your friend or your valentine, and who wouldn’t want to do that!

The Madrigals do these singing valentines as a fundraiser to earn money for their spring concert. They buy T-shirts with all of the money they earn. 

Some of the songs that they sing are arrangements made by Mr. Dade, the student choir director. The choir starts practicing these pieces in advance to make sure they are ready when February 14th comes. 

“I think it’s just really fun to see the people’s faces and I do enjoy seeing my students completely embarrassed by the live ones.” Mrs Petersen said. 

So next year, make sure to buy everyone you know a singing valentine to help out the Madrigal Choir, and brighten up someone’s day.