Donald Trump’s New Social Media


Truth Social is now live on the App Store, but new users are put into a queue. This line took several days took through.

Liam Elder, Staff Writer-Photo Editor

   Politics are seemingly becoming more and more of a hot topic every day. Nothing ruins the Christmas dinner faster than asking about family member’s opinion on vaccines or abortion, or any controversial political points of discourse. But now imagine a place where you can share your opinion without the fear of judgment or discrimination solely based of your opinion. Well that place is not really a place, rather an app that attempts to achieve this eutopia like idea. The app is called Truth Social, and is a social media platform that “encourages an open, free, and honest global conversation without discriminating against political ideology.” The app was developed by Donald Trump’s media  company called “Trump Media and Technology Group” (TMTG). TMTG claims that Truth Social was funded by a “diverse group” of investors.

   The creation of this app came in the wake of the January 6th insurrection. Trump was first banned by Facebook with twitter and others following suit. In response to these bans Trump announced that he was starting his own social media, which eventually evolved into Truth Social. 

   As it stands, Truth Social is only available on the Apple App Store (iPhone), and is still awaiting its arrival on the Play Store (Android). But According to Trump’s team, we should expect an Android release in late March, specifically March 21st.