Driving vs. Flying: Spring Break 2022



Families hop in their car or on a flight and head out for spring break almost every year. One of the most popular destinations was Florida.

Megan Reynaert, Co-Editor in Chief

  Every year when spring break comes around, families across the country pack up their bags and either pile in their car or hop on a plane to head to one of many warm vacation destinations. Some of the most common spring break destinations in the U.S. are Tampa, South Padre Island, Las Vegas, and Miami. Destinations outside of the country are nearly just as popular, with people traveling further to places such as Cancun, Punta Cana, and Cabo San Lucas. 

  This year, the debate over whether to drive or fly for spring break has been intensified by the increase in gas prices, as well as flights to these popular destinations being more expensive than in past years. Gas prices have been soaring, with many places outside of Michigan reaching over five dollars a gallon.

  Knowing how high fuel prices everywhere are now, and that they are expected to skyrocket even higher, will cause plane ticket prices to soar upwards as well. Many experts are advising people to buy their plane tickets now, regardless of how far away their trip is, versus playing a waiting game and hoping prices take a dip. 

  While driving usually ends up being the more financially conscious option, gas prices are expected to keep rising. Some gas tanks can hold up to 40 gallons of gas, meaning that to fill up a tank of that size, the total could be over 150 dollars, depending on the gas prices around the area. Many drives to these destinations are over 20 hours depending on the starting location. For one ticket to fly from Detroit (DTW) to Tampa (TPA), prices are ranging from $600 to over $1000. Certain airlines provide cheaper flights than others. 

  Thinking of a four-person family, it could be over 3000 dollars for just plane tickets, before the hotel, and other things while at the location. 

“I’m going to Florida for spring break, specifically the Tampa area, and we are driving,” commented Sophomore Leah Nguyen. 

Driving seems to still be the most common choice for most families since price-wise it is usually the least expensive option. 

  Flights are almost always more expensive around popular vacation times, and they can be even higher for popular destinations. Regardless of the method of transportation, have a great time, and enjoy spring break!