The Return of The Test

The Junior Class takes on Spring Testing.


Graphic made by: Olivia Schelling

Required among many states, SAT and ACT testing pushes Juniors to their full potential. These standardized tests show how much information students retain from their numerous years of schooling.

Olivia Schelling, Co-Editor

The time has come. The most treacherous time of the Junior class’ academic year. Spring testing has made its return. This year, Juniors were required to take the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test), ACT WorkKeys, and the M-STEP. 

  Spring testing began on April 13, 2022, with the SAT. The College Board, which makes the SAT, defines the SAT as a test intended to measure literacy, numeracy, and writing skills that are necessary for college. There are 5 main tests within the SAT: Reading, Writing and Literacy, Math (with calculator), Math (without calculator), and the Essay. 

  On April 14, 2022, Juniors completed the ACT WorkKeys. This test is a system of assessments and curricula that build and measure essential workplace skills that can affect job performance. 

  The week of April 18th to the 22nd, Juniors were pulled out of classes to take the M-STEP. This test determines how well students are retaining information required for state standards. 

  Preparing for testing takes months. The College Board has tools on its website to help students prepare for the SAT. Students are able to practice specific skills and take practice tests. Grand Ledge High School also provides eleventh-grade students with a SAT Skills class to help them learn tools and tricks to complete this test. Sleep also plays an important role in preparing for tests. It allows students to comprehend and retain information better. 

   “I prepared by taking the SAT Skills class and by using my brother’s old ACT book. I used these resources weeks before the testing to have a good idea what was going to be on these tests” Junior, Alex Campbell stated. 

  Starting in middle school, students have access and are required to take PSAT’s (Practice SATs). This gears up students for the real test their junior year. Due to this, students have been able to gain an idea of what the tests will be like, and allows them to have an educated opinion over the test. 

  “I don’t love testing and I personally don’t think it benefits students unless they have some type of crazy good score! I don’t think it is ideal for a majority of people,” Junior, Mia Anderson mentioned. 

  Juniors may say that the ACT WorkKeys was a lot easier to take because it was more common sense based and not about what students have learned across their school lifespan. 

  Testing anxiety may come with any type of standardized testing. The SAT is the biggest, most hyped-up test of a student’s high school career. Going into it, students may feel overwhelmed and rushed. Every student works differently, and this being a timed test, testing anxiety may skyrocket. Some students work diligently to complete their tests and use time management to ease stressors. 

  “I feel decent about how I did on the spring tests. It’s a lot to be bombarded all at once with so many tests, but I did my best and hopefully, my scores reflect that” Anderson remarked. 

  Students have been preparing for spring testing for years. Now, the class of 2023 can relax and breeze through the rest of high school without the weight of the SAT on their shoulders.   

  Here’s to a relaxed, peaceful end to the 2021/2022 school year. Sophomores, be ready; the Class of 2024 will be next.