Girls Soccer Kicks Off


Junior Becca Foster, blocks a Lansing Catholic player. Grand Ledge went on to win that game 5-0.

Braelyn Jackson-Pointer, Staff Writer

Girls soccer kicked off on Wednesday, March 23 against Lansing Christian. Unfortunately,  the Lady Comets ended with a 0-2 loss. They made up for their loss by defeating  Lansing Catholic, 5-0, on April 5. There was another win for the Lady Comets against Waverly 6-0 on April 13.

“I think that we have proven ourselves that we can go farther than we have gone in the past seasons…Even when we lost those games we were still putting on lots of pressure,” Senior, Jordyn Wilbur, stated.

Soon, the underclassmen will dominate the program with six seniors leaving. The seniors include Ava Brownfield, Olivia Buchweitz, Cecilia Guild, Zoe Langenfeld, Sarah Lawrence, Gracin Patterson and Jordyn Wilbur.

“I’m looking forward to mentoring the younger girls to help the program continue to grow. All the seniors are in a high position where we are laying the groundwork,” Wilbur commented.

The team is really excited about the upcoming season and ready to relive some moments like their win against Lansing Catholic.

“One of my favorite team memories was when we won the CAAC championship against Lansing Catholic my freshman year,” Wilbur said.

They have also started to become really active on social media trying to get the word out about their team, while also having a little fun with it. You can check them out @glsoccerstuds69 on Instagram.

“Recently I bought a mic and we’re gonna start micing people up at practice,” Wilbur said.

Even with their 2-3 record, they have a chance to make their season great with all the hard work that they’re putting in. They play next on April 30 away against Howell HS.