Memorial Day Weekend


The American flag shows the importance of the Country to many people who served in the army. Memorial Day Weekend is always a highlight of the end of the year.

Katie Schupbach, Staff Writer

  Memorial Day Weekend, even though it is one of students’ favorite weekends at the end of the school year, has more meaning to it than just three days off of school. Memorial Day is a day dedicated to honoring the men and women who died while serving in the US military and stresses the importance of these people who spent their time fighting for the United States. Therefore, many people get Monday, May 30th off!

  Though some people don’t have family that served in the Army, many people here at Grand Ledge High School do. 

  “We usually honor my grandfather and great grandfather who both fought in important wars for the United States, specifically the Korean and Iraq war” one student explained.

  Even if Memorial Day doesn’t have any importance to you specifically, it is still important to know what it is about and why many people get Monday off.

  “It’s just an excuse to have free food,” a student said about this weekend since they don’t have any family that served. That is honestly probably one of everyone’s favorite parts about this weekend!

  As the sun continues to come out and the weather gets warmer, Memorial Day weekend is the perfect time to go up north. This weekend is also the first weekend of summer for seniors, which is sad but happy at the same time.

  “I am just going to soak in, that my high school career is almost over, and that I have a few weeks until graduation” a Senior explained.

  Other events happening this weekend include the Memorial Day parade that the Grand Ledge Marching Band is performing in. So if you need anything to do, make sure to check that out!

  Hopefully Memorial Day weekend lives up to everyone’s expectations, and everyone takes a little time to think about the true meaning of the weekend.