Spooky Scary Spirit Week!

Mayra Cruz Santiago and Olivia Navin

Last week was the week of homecoming! This means the week was filled with fun themes to dress up as. Senior President of Student Council, Braylond Price, was in charge of coming up with the spirit days.

This year’s spirit week started on Oct. 3rd and ended on Oct. 7th. Here are the spirit days:

Monday, Oct. 3rd was Nightmare on Elm St. 

PJ Day

Tuesday, Oct. 4th was Haunted Colors 

Class colors were, Freshman: Orange, Sophomores: Green, Juniors: Black, Seniors: Purple

Wednesday, Oct. 5th was Wacky Wednesday

Mismatched hair, colors, patterns, etc.

Thursday, Oct. 6th was Throwback 

Wear a costume from your childhood

Friday, Oct. 7th was GL gea

Show your GL spirit!

Many students dressed up for this haunted homecoming spirit week. Students, teachers, and staff wore unforgettable outfits that many will remember.