New Season, New Players


The Cheerleaders celebrate on the sidelines of the football field. This season they have participated in many events such as pep assembly, Homecoming parade and bringing the school spirit to the football games

Ava Delaney, Staff Writer

Lots of people love the fall season for the cooler weather, changing colors, Halloween, and perhaps fall sports. At GLHS sports play a big role in the community and student body. Some of the exciting fall sports offered at GLHS are Football, Pom, Soccer, Cheer, Swim, and Volleyball.  With the new season comes new sports, and in turn, many new individuals to these varsity teams. Many of these new additions are looking forward to the new season and what it has to bring.

“Many feel that you have to put much more effort in varsity and that you really have to work hard, ” GL Varsity Football player Aiden Wallace says. “It’s a lot harder than JV, and you need to put forth all of your efforts and don’t expect anything handed to you,” Wallace continues.

Aiden is not the only one who feels you have to work harder. 

When asked for advice, Kiana Ruvulo, a sophomore on Varsity cheer describe the work ethic, like Aiden. 

“You have to work two times harder than you already are,” Ruvulo says. 

New varsity members also feel that practicing out of season and during the summer is essential to being on the team, including lots of private training and one on one practices. Really focusing on improving yourself both physically and mentally. Also working on new skills for the upcoming season. A Varsity Volleyball player Abby Blastic feels it was a big part of preparing for varsity. “I prepared by going to a lot of summer practice and I do a lot of club seasons. I go to different trainers, and do different one-on-one skill lessons with other coaches to get ready for varsity, ” Abby says.

Along with practicing during the summer, it’s also said that maintaining strength helps keep skills intact and prepared for the season to come. Freshman Anja Zazkrzewski on the Varsity swim team shares, 

I started swimming before the season to build the muscle back that I had lost over the spring and summer” 

A common characteristic these Varsity players share is determination. When asked how varsity has changed this player Reed Moshkosky, a Junior on the Varsity soccer team answered, “Being on varsity has changed my work mentality on and off the field, and it has pushed me to do my absolute best every day at training as well.”

Overall, there have been lots of positive attitudes toward the new teams and the new season. Varsity Pommer Maddy Kirshcke talks about the importance of positive attitudes. 

“I feel like we’re a very strong team, and we will do very good at competition because we all have positive attitudes and we’re very hard workers.”

These new members are also looking forward to upcoming events such as Pep Rally performances, finishing the season and possibly making football playoffs, Pom High Kick Competition, the soccer game against Saint Johns, Senior Night, big swim meets, and self-improvement, plus many more. There is much excitement surrounding these new members and the people supporting them at upcoming events.  Come show support for fellow peers and athletes!