Students take on the PSAT


Carson Lemon

Students take past PSAT tests to prepare for Fall and Spring testing. College Board provides these and numerous other features online to help students get ahead.

Carson Lemon, Staff Writer

  On Wednesday, October 12th, Juniors and select Underclassmen that opted in took the Preliminary SAT or PSAT. The testing lasted a half day, and students attended 20-minute classes for the rest of the day.

  The PSAT is a standardized test that measures proficiency in math, comprehension skills, reading, and writing, in an attempt to prepare students for the SAT. Colleges often use SAT scores when looking at student applications to determine who is accepted, and they can play an integral part in students’ future after high school.

  “The PSAT for 9th and 10th graders counts as our state testing, whereas it used to be students would do the M-STEP every year,” said Mrs. Trudeau when asked about the role of standardized testing in our schools, “So the PSAT that you take in 9th grade and 10th grade that in the springtime is counted as our state testing scores so that the state of Michigan knows that Grand Ledge High School is doing their job with keeping kids college or career ready.” 

  Mrs. Trudeau, one of Grand Ledge’s student counselors emphasized the importance of aiming high on standardized tests, especially the PSAT, which is not only a stepping stone for SAT preparation but used by the State of Michigan to assess student performance.

  The modernization of testing is something else students might take for granted. The State of Michigan used to have students take the ACT test with no real knowledge of what their scores meant, and it left ways for students to improve. According to Trudeau, when the State switched from ACT to PSAT/SAT testing, students gained a lot more control.

  “What the College Board did the with SAT and PSAT tests is now you can get into your test and see what you got wrong, what you can improve, what skills you can improve on, and they partnered with Khan Academy so that you can take practice tests that are exactly focused on the skills you need to improve.”Said Trudeau

  According to College Board, most students’ scores will be made available by November second. Student Services encourages anyone having trouble accessing their scores to reach out to their counselor as soon as possible.