Board Member Denise Dufort

Braelyn Jackson-Pointer, Staff Writer

Board Member Denise Dufort is running for re-election this fall. After being an educator for several years in the Grand Ledge School district,  Dufort received her board position in 2017. Dufort decided to help improve the district so that it could look more appealing for new teachers, as there was a predicted teacher shortage coming up. She also mentioned how she felt her insight from the classroom could be beneficial to the board. 

Dufort is a big believer in meeting children where they are in terms of learning,  by helping them reach their goals whatever they may be. Whether college or trade school, she wants to prepare the children to have a successful future.

Dufort’s core values focus on meeting children where they are in terms of education. “I think we should embrace the whole child, not just math, reading, and writing,” Dufort said when asked about Laforet, O’neil, and Devenbaugh’s motto.

If re-elected, Dufort plans to advance the school board’s current plans, which include “academic and social-emotional concerns which include being inclusive,” Dufort said. This plan also includes addressing issues with diversity within the school district. “Is a broad spectrum that includes everyone,” stated Dufort about diversity. Dufort also mentions that “knowledge is power and if students want to take a course dedicated to certain subjects, we should have them.”