I Witch You a Happy Halloween!


Jayda Stocker

Witches soaring through the Halloween night sky. The haunted house glistens in the distance.

Jayda Stocker, Staff Writer

I witch you a Happy Halloween! 

  Halloween takes over October with some people taking the whole month to plan their costume while others scrape up some layers last minute. GLHS students celebrated Halloween by viewing classmates costumes and collecting candy in the halls! This year there are a lot of hot pick costumes. A few of the most popular are the police and inmate outfits. Along with that, lots of people have carried on the cat and pirate costumes from many past years. After recent fame, many have continued their love for the Netflix original, Stranger Things. As new characters were introduced in the newest season, loads of fans chose to dress up as a few of the new cast members. Such as: Eddie Munson, Vecna, Argyle and Chrissy. 

    Speaking with a few of the Grand Ledge High school students, we came to a conclusion on the most favorable Halloween candy. Sienna Lake, a sophomore student at GLHS says, “I have always loved Kit Kats and would choose them over anything else in the Halloween bucket.” 

  A second opinion in agreement to that came from Delaney Kerrigan, a sophmore at GLHS. After asking her what her favorite chocolate was she states, “Kit Kat by far overrules any candy whether it’s chocolate or not.” 

  Coming from a different standpoint, Senior Hunter Matson, overheard the interview and stated his own opinion. “I mean I’m lactose intolerant and would much rather prefer Twizlers or Sugar Babies.” 

  Halloween has been tradition for many families in past years. Trick or treating, apple bobbing, friendly gatherings and more! Whatever your tradition may be, make sure it’s spooky and bootiful!