Tom Barrett

Tom Barrett is a republican candidate in the race for Michigan’s 7th congressional district. A state senator for the 24th district of Michigan, and a veteran of the U.S military, Barrett’s campaign strives to use his past experiences to carry on his new aspirations for congress.


Barrett has voiced his strong opinions on relevant issues, such as inflation, crime, taxes, and abortion.

“The biggest issue facing this district is the cost of living and inflation,” Barrett said. “We’ve seen, even today, new analysis coming out that inflation, again, is on the rise. …It is now high enough to rob every working American of an entire month’s pay over the course of a year.”


Although Barrett stands strongly against the rise of inflation, his campaign centers around several other issues as well.


“Lansing Michigan is the central geographic city in this district where I’m running, and it’s now the 9th most dangerous city in America,” Barrett replied when asked about the concern of crime in Michigan. “We need to hold people accountable for their behavior, and when they break the law they need to be held accountable. We also need to get back to supporting our law enforcement officers. There’s been over 50,000 assaults on police officers in the last year, nationally.”


Aside from Barretts opinions on current issues nationally, he also shared his opinions on the education and futures of high school students. He vocalized on the wide variety of opportunities for students after high school, and that college doesn’t always have to be a go-to.


“There are great community college options, but more than that, there are options in skilled trade where you can learn a really good skill and graduate with virtually nothing in student loan debt,” Barrett said. 


            Barrett also praised the outcome of joining the military. 


“I did 2 years of active duty in the army before coming home and starting college, “Barrett explained. “I was still part time in the army and did college and the army at the same time. I didn’t really feel like I was prepared to go to college, but I was excited about the opportunity to be in the military and serve my country.”


            Barrett encouraged high school students to take healthy risks. 

“During one’s youth is the most important time to try new things and make mistakes,” Barrett encouraged. “That way, by the time you’re an adult and maybe have a family of your own, you’ve had experiences that prepared you for that stage of your life.”


            Barrett’s team continues to prepare for the upcoming election on Nov. 8, 2022.