New Homerooms take the Trimester


Marisol Macias

Dr. Wright is looking forward to the new class system. He and many others were hard at work to finish the last week of first trimester.

Marisol Macias, Section Editor/Photo Editor

With another new school year comes another end to the trimester! This first one had a lot of highlights from Homecoming, the Fall Musical, and GL’s talented athletic teams. 

Moving forward, these groups among all will continue trimester two with a new Homeroom class. 

  This new class, called Comet Check and Connect, will occur three times a week and is meant to provide a greater level of academic support and social connection. 

  “Students will be able to have dedicated time… throughout the week, and in the day to work on homework, to see teachers with questions,” teacher Mr. Mckinnon says. “It allows teachers to also request students from other homerooms to come see them for extra help. It’ll allow administration to deliver the kind of all school requirements that they normally have to do.”   Homeroom will be between first and second hour, in turn each class runs six minutes shorter, along with cutting passing time a minute shorter. 

   But how are Homeroom classes assigned? For students, classes are split between grade level and last name, in order to keep counselors consistent. Because of this, each student will have the same Homeroom teacher for all four years of high school. 

  “We wanted the idea of that same group being able to move each year with the same teachers so that those relationships can even be expanded on…” Dr. Wright says. 

  “From there, what we did was create sections of the building that would have grade levels as well, so that if the counselors were working with 11th graders on what they would need to do next year, they can…be in one area of the building working with those groups,” Wright continues. 

  So far, it stands that underclassmen Homeroom groups will be closer to the main entrance of the building, and upperclassmen will have Homerooms near the other ends of the school. 

  This change will begin starting on November 28th, 2022. Go Comets!